UPE News Update

April 2, 2021

Important Dates


7 - No School/Staff Work Day

13 & 14 - CMAS Testing

19 & 20 Alternate CMAS Testing

20 - Class Pictures

23 - No School/Staff Work Day

27 - 6th grade Fly Tying with Trout Unlimited


5 - No School/Teacher Work Day

13 & 14 - 6th grade backpacking Lost Creek Wilderness

18 - 6th Fly fishing Green Mountain Falls

25 - Beach Party

26 - Tentative last day of school/12:00 dismissal

Important Note about Next Wednesday:

Wednesday, April 7th is a REMOTE Learning Day (and teacher work day). Students
will be expected to be learning asynchronously as those too will be counted as student
contact days. In other words, this is not a day off for your child - attendance will be taken
after this day based on whether or not your child completed any work assigned to them.

Ute Pass CMAS Testing Schedule:

April 13 - a.m. and p.m.

April 14 - a.m. only

* 3rd and 5th - ELA

* 4th and 6th - MAT

Opt In CMAS schedule:(for those students who are taking the alternate CMAS test)

April 19 - a.m. and p.m.

April 20 - p.m. only

What Inspires the Deepest Learning

Chris Briggs-Hale, Principal

Great teaching is not just a certain set of steps to follow. It is a dynamic process, masterfully planned, in which children learn useful, empowering things alongside their teachers. Great teaching is about modelling how to learn: the more the teacher or adult is learning, the deeper is the learning for the child.

This approach to learning is, unfortunately, not always common in school. Adults often recall non-examples of deep learning during their own schooling: long lectures at the front of the class that follow the textbook almost word for word. Certainly there might be brief times for this method of transmitting knowledge. But it is far from what science tells us is how the brain best learns deeply.

To really trigger new brain growth, people need to learn in situations that resemble real life. They need intriguing questions to ponder, fascinating challenges in which to apply academic skills, authentic human relationships, and some element of mystery. This is precisely why we emphasize outdoor and experiential learning at Ute Pass Elementary School. We do it because excellent technique in teaching is always made better when placed in an environment with some element of puzzlement, challenge, and mystery. For us, one of the best environments for this type of learning is the great outdoors.

People who learn this way become flexible thinkers who rely on the perceptions of others to build new knowledge. Deep learning is a social activity. These types of learners don’t fear getting a wrong answer, instead, they see that wrong answer as an opportunity worth sharing with others. These learners become strong by their vulnerability and willingness to “not know.” Because of this, they become fearless and ask the questions others often don’t - the ones that make other people say, “I’ve never thought about that!” In short, they become leaders.

Great learners are focused outwardly on the miracle of this world and the beautiful minds and souls who inhabit it. They lead by modelling curiosity, empathy, and a desire to know and improve the condition of those around them.

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Our Sixth Grade Mountain Academy for Arts and Sciences students are starting their annual natural sciences unit on birds. Raising chickens is a powerful and unforgettable experience each year for these students!

Enjoy this week’s Word of the Week Video on Leadership!

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We hope everyone enjoys their Arts Gear!

Arts Gear 2021
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