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from Principal Gilbert

January News

Life Lessons for being Timely:

The first bell rings at 7:55am. The tardy bell is at 8:00am.

Parents, we need your help! We have so many students who are tardy on a regular basis. When students are tardy, they are missing out on so much: greetings from the teacher to begin their day on the right track, the schedule of what is going on that day, socialization with their peers and sometimes, sadly, breakfast! Students need your help to build the life skill that it's important to be on time. It will benefit them in the future when they have deadlines for college applications, papers, work hours etc. We appreciate that there are times when there is a good reason for being tardy. Help your child learn the imporatnce of being on time.


When students return from winter break, we will be having a typing challenge! In order to do well on their state tests starting in 3rd grade, students must be proficient at typing to be able to type paragraphs quickly and efficiently. They have been learning this in technology class with mrs. Romero but we feel they need much more work at this.

THE CHALLENGE will be to practice typing on Dance Mat Typing. We will send a calendar home for students to log their time. If they reach the Challenge, they will get a prize from the office! Thank you for helping your child inprove their typing ability for success!!


From Student Council:

I want to thank you all for supporting the food drives and reminding your students to help out. What we do really does make a difference for the efforts over at North Middle School, and they help many of our students as well.

Rush – 28lbs

Diaz – 17 lbs

Jones – 66 lbs

Figueroa – 36 lbs

Tetrault – 1 lb

Vlad – 110 lbs

Hausladen – 24 lbs

Miller – 0 lbs

Lane – 31 lbs

Total – 320 lbs

All food collected for Thanksgiving and Christmas is just at 1000 lbs!! That is incredible.

The winning class this time around is Mrs. Vlad!!!

Thanks again, Miss Lane

FROM THE GYM with Coach U:

3rd- 5th grade Tigers,

I know you guys have all been asking me about basketball season and I have some exciting news, ITS FINALLY HERE! Once we get back from break I will be holding Open Gyms after school every single day from 2:30-3:30 until our Tryouts on Jan 17th. If you are interested in more information about basketball I will have parent letters to give out during any of the Open Gyms. Anyone interested in basketball is welcome to come to these Open Gyms that are being held. We will focus on basketball drills and some half court games to prep everyone for the Tryouts. I am excited for our season to start and I hope to see a lot of excited faces once we get back from break.

Coach U

Nick Urbaniak

Taylor Elementary P.E.

719-328-3510 ext. 83525

Report Cards for 2nd quarter: Viewable Online Jan. 8th

We are paperless now so to view your students' report card, follow the directions below.

1. Go to Taylor Website at taylor.d11.org and click the green 'Q" in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on "Parent Connection"

3. Log in using your "Q" PIN and Password. If you do not know your login, please call the

Front Office.

4. Click on child's name to see their information.

5. Click on "Marks" and "Standards" to see your child's grades for each subject and standard.


Jan. 8th- Students are back from Winter break

Jan. 8th- Report cards are available on line

Jan. 14th- PTA meeting 5:30pm in the library

Jan. 17th- Planetarium Visit at Taylor

Jan. 20th- MLK Jr. Day- NO SCHOOL

Jan. 24th- Color Wars Day- each grade-level wears a different color-

Kinder and preschool - red

1st – yellow

2nd - orange

3rd – green

4th - blue

5th - purple

Feb. 7th- Valentine's Day Dance

Big picture

Annual Holiday Sing-a-long!

Thank you to Mrs. Trochesset for leading our annual Holiday sing-a-long! It's always a fun time of year as we prepare for the Winter break. Beautiful singing by our Taylor Trebles Choir! Also, a huge thank you goes out to our fabulous PTA for providing Candy Canes for all the students!! And of course, Santa, THANK YOU for joining our sing-a-long!

About Our School

Our Mission

We dare to empower the whole student to

profoundly impact our world.

Our Vision

To be a school where we build positive relationships and empower students to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers who take ownership of their education through a growth mindset.

Taylor is a school committed to excellence and putting kids first. Academic achievement, commitment to safety, and a sense of belonging and community are high priorities. We have a dedicated PTA who highly support staff and students! Taylor is an Arts Integrated school providing students opportunities to learn through interdisciplinary content and demonstrate their learning through project-based activities. Our teachers utilize problem-based learning approaches, and rigorous college and career readiness standards. Our students demonstrate a high depth of knowledge, practice social and relational skills, and develop strong personal values. Students are provided opportunities to solve problems through the application of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Taylor is committed to preparing students to become productive 21st century citizens through quality instruction and high expectations for student ownership of learning. This year, we have started our journey as a Capturing Kids’ Hearts school.

What is SAC?

SAC stands for School Accountability Committee. SAC represents the school communities’ points of view and makes recommendations to the building principal for school improvement. With input from school principals, teachers, and SAC members, information is compiled which can be used to develop the School Improvement Plan.


· Facilitate communication between the school and the community.

· Discuss issues of Curriculum, Budget, Growth, Safety, Wellness, and Communication.

· Discuss all major school issues.

· Report to the DAC and the Board of Education.

Questions and Comments

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve what we do. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Gilbert at any time. You can also join us at our PTA meetings each 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30p.m. in our library. We'd love to see you!