Taylor Tales

from Principal Gilbert

We Are Still Taylor Strong!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You are doing great! With all of the updates from the district and the daily news, shared ideas from your teachers and schedules, we want you to know you have permission to be a parent without worry from the school side.

You most likely don’t know the “HOW” of teaching your child, the details of curriculum and strategies. You are doing your best!

Your children may be worried about all these massive changes to their world right now. They will be ok with your reassurance and hugs!

We all agree school is important and Taylor teachers are awesome and are still working for you and your children at home. BUT, remember, this is also a gift of time to be with your children, even if they are driving you crazy. Your children will remember this time with you so enjoy, breathe, laugh, share and know this will all pass, and we will come out stronger than ever, together!

Time spent on reading, writing and math will help your child to maintain skills they have already learned. Remember, board games require reading and maybe math problem-solving. Making up stories, dances, and music uses imagination and fosters a love of the arts. Baking involves science! Looking at old pictures of your family and sharing stories fosters love of history, especially our own. And it could be a writing task if they wrote about their family. And so much more!

It’s ok to lower the expectation of having to “get it all done” because you don’t. We know you have things besides school to think about with all of the challenges of the world right now. The toilet paper thing is real at the Gilbert house! We all need to continue to laugh and love, take silly pictures, sing and dance and just be together as a family! You are doing great!!

March 30 Monday Message
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From the District

Family Partnership Overview:

Although these are unsettling times, one thing that has not changed is the long-standing need for parents and educators to work together for the success of their children/students. In the coming weeks, all district staff will be ready and willing to be of service to our families to the greatest degree possible. We can only be that support if we hear from you and your students regularly. We readily admit that this new “temporary normal” has challenged all staff and their families and we have no doubt this new model will need refinement along the way.

It is our hope that families will:

• Review the Colorado Department of Education Best Practices for Families http://www.cde.state.co.us/learningathome/bestpracticesfamilies

• Follow all communication coming from the district to stay up to date in the dynamic time of change. Visit the Distance Learning site for new updates over time and to leave suggestions for items you would like to see https://www.d11.org/domain/5174

• Reach out and engage with staff often, let us know if we can support you and do not be afraid to ask

• Share what is working or not working directly with school and district leaders and teachers giving specific examples so we can work toward improvement

• Set structures that work best for your family’s needs

• Take time to celebrate and find small wins each day

• Find opportunities to be creative and laugh with your students

• Hold us accountable for reaching our goal of reaching 100% of our students and their families by the end of week 1

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About Our School

Our Mission

We dare to empower the whole student to

profoundly impact our world.

Our Vision

To be a school where we build positive relationships and empower students to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers who take ownership of their education through a growth mindset.

Taylor is a school committed to excellence and putting kids first. Academic achievement, commitment to safety, and a sense of belonging and community are high priorities. We have a dedicated PTA who highly support staff and students! Taylor is an Arts Integrated school providing students opportunities to learn through interdisciplinary content and demonstrate their learning through project-based activities. Our teachers utilize problem-based learning approaches, and rigorous college and career readiness standards. Our students demonstrate a high depth of knowledge, practice social and relational skills, and develop strong personal values. Students are provided opportunities to solve problems through the application of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Taylor is committed to preparing students to become productive 21st century citizens through quality instruction and high expectations for student ownership of learning. This year, we have started our journey as a Capturing Kids’ Hearts school.

Questions and Comments

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve what we do. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Gilbert at any time. You can also join us at our PTA meetings each 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30p.m. in our library. We'd love to see you!

What is SAC?

SAC stands for School Accountability Committee. SAC represents the school communities’ points of view and makes recommendations to the building principal for school improvement. With input from school principals, teachers, and SAC members, information is compiled which can be used to develop the School Improvement Plan.


· Facilitate communication between the school and the community.

· Discuss issues of Curriculum, Budget, Growth, Safety, Wellness, and Communication.

· Discuss all major school issues.

· Report to the DAC and the Board of Education.

How to View Report Cards:

We are paperless now so to view your students' report card, follow the directions below.

1. Go to Taylor Website at taylor.d11.org and click the green 'Q" in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on "Parent Connection"

3. Log in using your "Q" PIN and Password. If you do not know your login, please call the

Front Office.

4. Click on child's name to see their information.

5. Click on "Marks" and "Standards" to see your child's grades for each subject and standard.