Celebrating Debbie Creek

January is Arkansas School Board Member Recognition Month

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Debbie Creek

Debbie Creek inadvertently started her road to becoming a member of the Springdale School Board by serving as a substitute. Not a substitute teacher. A substitute speaker.

Creek, controller at Harp’s Foods, was asked to substitute for Frank Ray as a Harp’s spokesperson at the annual Chamber of Commerce Teacher’s Appreciation Breakfast.

“That night I decided that, since I love school, I would go back and earn my master’s in business administration," Creek said. "That was in August, 2016. I enrolled in the MBA program at John Brown University in December of 2018 and was able to complete the work in 18 months.”

Creek said School Board lunches are among her favorite activities.

“I love seeing what our kids are doing. They do amazing things,” she said. “Our schools provide so many opportunities for students.”

Spending time in school is something Creek has always liked. She credits her parents.

“Even though he had only gone to school through the eighth grade and he was operating a dairy farm, my dad always wanted to learn. If any of us couldn’t locate a textbook to do our homework, Dad may have been studying it," Creek said. "My parents gave all of us a strong work ethic and desire to learn. All eight of us earned college degrees, five, including myself, from the University of Arkansas, two from the University of Tulsa and one from Arkansas State.”

Creek has been a member of the Springdale Public Schools School Board since 2018. She also serves on the Springdale Chamber of Commerce and Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation boards.

Our School Board

Springdale Public Schools is served by a seven-person voluntary School Board that goes above and beyond to make sure the district's students and staff operate in a culture of care where all can thrive.

The School Board members are instrumental for leading the district daily and have never been more valued than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arkansas School Board Member Recognition Month

Gov. Asa Hutchinson declared January 2022 as Arkansas School Board Member Recognition Month, and we encourage you to take time to thank our School Board members for their constant support of the district and the community.

School Board Members

Michelle Cook, School Board President

Randy Hutchinson, School Board Vice President

Nick Emerson, School Board Secretary

Debbie Creek, School Board Member

Clinton Bell, School Board Member

Kevin Ownbey, School Board Member

Eddie Ramos, School Board Member

Please use #SchoolBoardRecognitionMonth or #celebrateARschoolboards when posting recognitions of School Board members on social media so we can all celebrate them together.

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