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Week of March 1, 2021

Dear Faubion Family,

In this edition of the Faubion Lion Pride Press, we share community assistance programs, show appreciation for one of our counselors, and feature upgrades to our campus.

We welcomed our scholars back this past week from an unprecedented week of frigid weather and challenges to our entire community. Lots of community resources are mentioned near the end of this week's Lion Pride Press. Despite the challenges, this week was full of good memories. One such memory was a visit from Mr. Arbabi, principal of McKinney High School, who spoke to our students on the intercom one morning.

During this week in 1836 in San Antonio, Colonel William Travis issued a call for help on behalf of the Texan troops defending the Alamo, an old Spanish mission and fortress under siege by the Mexican army. One of the qualities of personal responsibility is leaning on those you trust and not being afraid to ask for advice.

We taught our scholars that when they raise their hand in class to ask a question, they demonstrate to their teacher that they are taking responsibility for their own learning. We also emphasized that when a student has a question, there are almost certainly several other students in class who have the exact same question. Mr. Arbabi shared with our students the need to demonstrate consistency in their actions and to "Do Your Part" as it relates to taking action and responsibility.

Aristotle once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." At Faubion Middle School, we make excellence a habit, and we are kind to each other. Parents, thank you for instilling those values in your children so they can make a lasting and positive mark on our community.

Go Lions!

-Mr. Boom

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Counselor Spotlight - Mrs. Kiefer

In the final celebration of our counselors for Counselors' Appreciation week, we celebrate Mrs. Kiefer! Mrs. Kiefer always wanted to be a counselor, and her roles here at Faubion Middle School as lead counselor and drill team coach are vital to the success of our students, staff, and community.

Mrs. Kiefer got her start in education working at a boys' and girls' home in Michigan. From there, she worked with MHMR in Midland. This position gave her the tremendous responsibility of advising judges about mental health placements of individuals who were struggling. In order to become a school counselor in the state of Texas, an educator must first be a classroom teacher. Mrs. Kiefer taught at the alternative school in Odessa, where she was a content mastery teacher. From there, she taught elementary in Odessa for two years.

Central Elementary School in Flower Mound is where Mrs. Kiefer got her first opportunity to be a school counselor. Working there for five years, Mrs. Kiefer won both a CREST award and a RAMP award, which are high praises in the counseling world. Close collaboration with administration and sound counseling practices for students are absolutely necessary to be considered for those honors.

Mrs. Kiefer works hard to keep our campus' counseling practices current and giving our students the support they need. In fact, she was featured on the McKinney ISD "Live Kind" video when the district initiative went live a few years ago. Her placement on our school leadership team, as our lead counselor, and as a regular contributor at the district level make her a game-changer not only at Faubion but across the entire district.

When you visit with Mrs. Kiefer, you immediately understand how deeply she appreciates the opportunity to serve students. Mrs. Kiefer loves seeing students overcome obstacles to be successful. Helping students with class issues, home issues, and sometimes even student conflict are significant in the role of counselor. Mrs. Kiefer enjoys watching kids physically and emotionally grow over their time here at Faubion. From a counseling perspective, students in sixth grade require a different approach than one to try for an eighth grader. Even with that being said, every student requires a unique plan.

While Mrs. Kiefer understands that students at different ages require different approaches, she also realizes the importance of looking long term. Goal setting, both in preparation for high school and for career preparation, are a big part of what really drives her in her work. Mrs. Kiefer makes sure that in her conversations with students she loops them back to their ultimate goals.

Mrs. Kiefer's superpower in counseling is that she "truly loves the kids". "I care about them and I love them and I want the absolute best for them. It's coming from a place of authenticity. I love my job, and I think they sense that. I think they can feel from me that I truly care about them." Mrs. Kiefer is an excellent cheerleader, and she literally does cheers for her kids when they need a pick-me-up.

While school counseling is an exceptional fit for Mrs. Kiefer's strengths, the dual role of school counselor and drill team coach is her dream position. Mrs. Kiefer formed a drill team at Faubion 10 years ago. Starting with six dancers with limited dance experience and homemade costumes, Mrs. Kiefer and Ms. Muniz have developed the program into a competitive and inclusive squad of over 40 dancers. All levels of dancers are welcome in the program.

Mr. Kiefer attributes a lot of her personal success to the investments that drill team coaches made in her over the years. Aside from the benefits of being involved in a high-performing organization, Mrs. Kiefer uses drill team as a way to help girls every way she can. "I worked hard to get a spot all through [my drill team experience] because I didn't have formal training in dance. This gives girls an opportunity to do dance who otherwise wouldn't be able to because dance is an expensive sport. It's okay to have failures. The question is, what are you going to do when something doesn't go right?" Mrs. Kiefer loves that drill team teaches our students about the importance of grit and resilience.

Mrs. Kiefer loves our very kind community here at Faubion. "We take care of not only our students but each other as well. If someone has a need, we circle around that person. It's a very family-oriented atmosphere."

Mrs. Kiefer puts a circle of support around her students, and it all starts with her caring nature. We are so fortunate to have her leading our counseling program and know that our students are in great hands under her leadership.

Let's take it outside!

Given the frigid temperatures of the prior week, our scholars were anxious to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Our courtyard provides excellent learning opportunities for our students, complete with shaded areas and ample seating. Pictured below are several classes that chose to take advantage of the weather in our courtyard.
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Mrs. Berteau's Class writes

Pictured above is Mrs. Berteau's class, working on document-based question (DBQ) over the Civil War. Pictured are: Esther Mujica Gomez, Stephany Murillo, Fiorella Toala Arellano, Esmeralda Becerra, Miguel Salinas Garcia, Alexander Gonzalez, Sydney La Foucade, and Evelin Rodriguez-Reyes.

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Student Spotlight - tara schroeder

This week's student spotlight features the student-artist, Tara Schroeder! Rain or shine, Tara shows her Faubion school spirit!

Tara is involved in several UIL clubs, including: Spelling, Music Memory, Math and History. As such, she was an active member of our defending academic UIL team!

In her free time, Tara likes to spend time with family, sing, and dance. While Tara enjoys performing, she does not always have the spotlight. For instance, her younger sister will stand in front of Tara when she is trying to record a piece. Being the middle child certainly has its drawbacks sometimes!

As a family, the Schroeder family loves to watch Disney movies. Tara's favorite is probably Aladdin. She expressed that the newer version is her favorite, mostly because she has seen it quite a bit more. Her favorite song from the movie is "Friend Like Me".

A challenge that Tara will face in coming years is choosing among the extracurricular activities that interest her. In addition to UIL involvement, Tara is signed up for choir and drill team next year. She is also interested in playing volleyball, basketball, track, and tennis. She will have a lot of decisions to make, and we are excited to see what path she chooses.

Tara really enjoys math class. She says that Ms. Muñiz is a really nice person and is motivating. Whenever Tara needs help, Ms. Muñiz is "right there". She plays games like kahoot or time to Climb with her students which helps keep the learning fun. Tara said that Ms. Muñiz is just a really nice person in general, and she is excited about working with her for the next few years in drill team.

Ms. Muñiz said that Tara "always goes above and beyond. She is a deep thinker and asks great questions. She's always asking the what if questions. She is a model student, as she is very respectful, super friendly, and cooperative."

Choir is a special place for Tara. When I asked Tara about choir, she had the following to say: "It's a big family. You feel like you can be yourself without getting judged. It's fun to sing with other people." The connections that form in choir help the members feel comfortable around each other while singing. In fact, her friendships in choir extend beyond school. When they are outside of school, she and her friends like to sing together, especially in the car.

Mrs. Turner said that she is incredibly joyful and works incredibly hard. She's a great leader and helps others out when they would like help. All in all, she has the personality traits needed to be a superstar.

Tara has a charitable side as well. She volunteers at horse shelters. She enjoys mucking out the horse stalls. Her father also helps by building gates and developing watering areas. Tara loves animals in general, especially horses, dogs, and goats.

Tara likes how our school is a community and you never feel left out. "All the people are really nice here. In class we do some fun games, and we have class discussions. We are always working together." That aspect of working together seems to be where Tara really shines. She is the type of student who thrives off of the energy of others, and lifts their spirit. We are so glad that Tara is a member of our school community, and we are excited to follow her over the next few years!

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Looking over registration choices

Daiana Hernandez and Abril Medina are pictured reviewing the courses that they are requesting for next year. We are excited to continue the registration process for next year's scholars and for ending this school year on a high note!
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Spring Read-In Day

Next Friday, English Language Arts classes will lead our Spring Read-In Day!

Our teachers incorporate reading into their classes on a regular basis. On March 5, we will specifically highlight reading across all content areas. We encourage our students to also dress up in beachy or bright colors to "spring" into the theme.

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Faubion Artist Alivia Rivera-Norman

Faubion Artist Alivia Rivera-Norman led this piece as part of Mr. Norman's 6th period Art 2 class.

The Scream is the popular name given to a composition created by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch in 1893. The original German title given by Munch to his work was Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature), and the Norwegian title is Skrik (Shriek). The agonized face in the painting has become one of the most iconic images of art, seen as symbolizing the anxiety of the human condition." (Wikipedia, 2021)

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MISD Facilities

The fact that all MISD students were able to return to school on Monday after the weather we had last week is simply astonishing. If keeping campuses running throughout the district wasn't enough, MISD facilities provided more support in the form of upgraded landscaping.

Bryson Taylor, Gabriel Castillo, Mateo Turcios, and Camillo Rosales were hard at work on our landscaping all week. They dropped sod and replaced crushed rock in the front of the building and gave the gym side of the building some TLC with some sod as well. They worked around the clock for three days in preparing the soil, dropping sod, and bordering the area. They will be back to make sure that the sprinklers are set just right. We are so appreciative of their help! Special kudos to MISD landscaping director, BJ Lindsey!
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Oscar Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is one of the most beloved members of our school community. This week, he mounted several signs throughout the building to make navigating our building easier. An added perk of his work was that the signs say "Live Kind", which reinforces our mission to instill kindness in every individual who enters our building.
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did you know?

"Being able to think on your feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think ‘outside of the box’ will distinguish your child from others. In an arts program, your child will be asked to recite a monologue in six different ways, create a painting that represents a memory, or compose a new rhythm to enhance a piece of music. If children have practice thinking creatively, it will come naturally to them now and in their future career." Lisa Phillips, "The artistic edge: 7 skills children need to succeed in an increasingly right brain world" (Americans for the Arts, 2013).

Pictured from the Camerata Pre-UIL performance are: Olivia Cohee, Iyana Valentine, Zailee Fiore, Avery Beirnes, Jacqueline Recker, Aaliyah Crawford, Ryker Fair, Judah Sempebwa, Adam Nair, and Nate Davila.

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Faubion MS future 7th and 8th graders should have completed and submitted their 2021-2022 course registration this week! Counselors will start contacting students next week if they have not yet turned in their form. There will be an opportunity for parents and students to confirm course selections during our course verification window in April or May. Course registration instructions and details may be found at the FMS Counselor website:

ELAR teachers have been providing students in all grade levels with access to the Naviance Canvas Course with activities and instructions for utilizing the Naviance Student Portal. Naviance is a personalized software program for college & career readiness that MISD students can access from middle school thru high school years. We hope students will take a moment to explore this app on their laptops (must use SSO), and learn exciting new things about their interests, personality traits and future college/career opportunities.

If you have any registration or counseling questions, please reach out to your child's house counselor!

Counselors by Alpha:

A-G - Mrs. Phillips -

H-O - Mr. Rodriguez -

P-Z - Mrs. Kiefer -

You can always keep updated with the latest counseling information by visiting our counselors' webpage at

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Updated Shot Records for Rising 7th Graders

Rising seventh graders need proof of updated immunizations before the end of this school year. Your child's schedule will be withheld until immunization records are up-to-date.

Please take your child to complete immunizations. If your child has already received his/her vaccines, provide the updated record to our campus nurse ASAP.

The following vaccines are needed:

Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis-containing vaccine (received within the past five years)

Meningococcal vaccine (within the past five years)

It is necessary for your child to be in compliance to attend 7th grade for the 2021-22 school year.

Collin County Health Care Clinic offers low-cost or free immunizations for Medicaid, CHIPs, American Indian or Alaskan native, uninsured or underinsured (no vaccine, capped coverage or select vaccine insurance coverage).

Collin County Health Care, 825 North McDonald Street, Mon - Fri, 7:30am-11am and 1pm-4pm

Spring Break is a great time to get your immunizations completed!

If you have any questions about the information above, please reach out to our school nurse at or 469-302-6914.

help for our community

One Heart McKinney is an organization that partners with McKinney ISD to provide for those in need. Go to for a one-stop shop of resources related to COVID and community support. You can donate to the cause or seek help if interested.

Also, if you are interested in donating food directly, please bring canned goods up to Faubion Middle School for the next week. We will take all of the contributions and donate them directly to Minnie's Food Pantry.

This is a link to a brochure in many different languages that can be shared to help people understand the types of FEMA Individual Assistance support that may be available in disaster recovery.

This is a link to a website explaining how SNAP benefits can be replaced or use to purchase hot foods and ready-to-eat meals due to impacts from the severe winter storm.

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Drug Use Prevention Resources

McKinney ISD offers a Canvas course called "Talk it up! Prevention resources for parents," which is full of drug prevention resources. Please visit the following LINK, bookmark it, and review it at your convenience. Our district truly embodies the "Live Kind" mindset in taking care of the entire child. Our district Substance Use Prevention Committee works hard to make the content relevant, engaging, and timely. Our counselors are also equipped with lots of resources to assist you, so if you need anything please reach out to us.

Upcoming Events

Monday, March 1

Camerata and Honors UIL Recording Event, after school

Wednesday, March 3

Tennis - 7th & 8th Boys and Girls Wednesday(3/3) at MHS vs. Cockrill starts at 4:30.

Thursday, March 4

Beginning Band Ensemble Contest, FMS Auditorium

Track & Field - 7th & 8th Boys and Girls Thursday (3/4) at Ron Poe vs. Evans, Hays & HP

Friday, March 5

"Spring Read-In Day" in English Language Arts Classes!

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A student-made Video about our AVID program

Please follow this LINK to learn more about the AVID program!

A few of our scholars put together a video about their experience in AVID, including its challenges, benefits, and more! Hear first hand what they had to say! Starring in our video are: Kaylee McReynolds, Madis Musah, Zachary Long, Britton Osmer, Jackie Ruano, Romano Maestas, Elijah Iniquez, Sophia Sestrac, Miles Davis, and Sawyer Skelte.

Checking Your Child's Grades and Attendance

You may monitor your child's grades and attendance by using the Home Access Center.

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Please make sure that you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

2) Go to

3) Enter your login credentials. If you need assistance with your login information, please reach out to your child's house secretary:

A-G: Mrs. Soroa - or 469-302-7005

H-O: Mrs. Gonzalez - or 469-302-6911

P-Z: Mrs. Dedman - or 469-302-6917

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