By: Cole Cradick

Victoria's Landforms:

Landforms are large deserts in the area in the central and west. A low coastal plain in Victoria.

Bodies of water:

The bodies Of water are Strait of George, and gorge waterway.

Victoria's Natural Resources:Victoria's natural resources are gold, iron ore, and petroleum. The main natural resource is petroleum.

Early times:

in early times, Victoria is home to many indigneous nations who inhabited the land thousands of years ago.

Almost 3/4 of the people live in Melbourne.

People and languages:

Torres strait islanders have been living there for over 40,000 years. The rest are migrants or descendants of migrants.

The people are mainly Anglo-Celtic in the country.


In Victoria mainly people's religion is Roman Catholic.

Education System:

They have a broad based education system, they have a educational achievement. All the children have to achieve goals to graduate each grade.
Current issues and challenges:

In Victoria, they need health workforce to go extra hours to cure more patients daily.

They also don't have much of public transport in Victoria.