By Liana and Charlotte

The Different Types of Bullying

There are 4 different types of bullying


  • Hitting or hurting you

  • Making sexual gestures

  • Blackmailing people into eating things

Verbal/ non verbal:

  • Name calling and teasing

  • Making prejudice comments

  • Trying to sabotage someone's social status

  • Making sexual comments


  • Posting something online and making rude comments about someone

  • Sending sexual texts

  • Posting a picture of someone without permission

  • Not including you in a group chat and planning something

Social and emotional:

  • Excluding or ignoring someone

  • Spreading rumors

  • Using relational aggression

  • Backstabbing or talking behind someone's back

  • Blackmailing

The Effects Of Bullying On An Adolescents Physical, Social And Mental Health

The effects of bullying can be very serious to the point of suicide. The victims of bullying often feel excluded, depressed and helpless. All of these feeling can lead to:

  • Skipping school

  • Staying away from classes and places

  • Grades dropping

  • Self esteem and confidence dropping

  • Weight issues (weight gain or loss)

  • Problems with sleeping

  • And behavioral issues

But There Are Ways To Cope With Bullying!

Strategies to Cope With Bullying

Ignore them- Bullies look for a reaction from you. Walk away when the bully approaches you.

Build a wall around you- Build an invisible wall around you. Anything a bully says just bounces off the wall.

Use visualization- Bullies can be pretty scary so picture them looking silly. Picture their noses growing or their heads shrinking.

Stay positive- Try to think of all the things you do well and that you are a great person.

Hang around other people- You’ll be safer if you stay in groups and your friends will also stick up for you.

Be confident- Bullies usually pick on people that are weaker than they are so stand up to them! Tell them to leave you alone. Remember that your friends accept you for who you are.

Keep out of their way- It is possible for you to avoid the bully. Avoid the places that they hang out.

Tell someone else- To stop the bullying it is helpful to tell someone that you are being bullied. Friends, teachers, a school counsellor or a parent are helpful people to tell.

People Who Can Help You

Councillors- Councillors hear stories about bullying everyday. They know how and what to do to help you.

Teachers- Teachers can see what’s happening if it is happening in class and they can talk to the other students or people effecting you.

Friends- Your friends always know how make you happy and brighten your day.

Family- You should tell your family everything and let them know if someone is bullying or hurting you.

Websites aimed at victims of bullying


www.girl.com.au/bullying.htm :

It has a section on strategies you can use if you are bullied. It has a section on who you can go to. It has other girl world problems

Kids Helpline

www.kidshelp.com.au/teens/get-info/information-sheets.php :

It has information about other things not just bullying.

It has a help line you can call.

You can help other people who are being bullied

Beyond Blue

https://www.youthbeyondblue.com :

This website has detail about anxiety and depression.


Macmillan health and physical education 1 by Michelle Bradford, Damien Davis and Ben Dawe