Excretory system


Main function

The main function is removing wastes and cleaning the blood.

Main parts

The Kidneys,Ureters,Bladder,and the Urethra

What each part does

Urethre-urine leaves the body through this channelKidneys-blood flows through itBladder-the urine from the Ureters emptys into here then goes to the UrethraUreters-urine flows through here to the Bladder

How does this system affect other body systems

 The system job is  removing waste from the body.

How do other body systems affect this system

Ressysten gets rid of C02 from the bodys systems. 

Some problems of this system

One problem of the excretory system is bladder affection.

Effects of enviormental factors on the systems

One enviormental factors on the system is drugs.

Fun facts

One fun fact is urine flows through the Bladder into the Urethra.A secend fun fact is blood flows to the Kidneys to be cleaned.A third fun fact is this is the end of the Digestive system.

Resorces used

book,baloons,a big piece of paper,markers,and pencil