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Happy Friday Falcon Families

We're down to single digit counts for our in-person instructional days, and they are going to be busy ones. OMS is hosting a Covid-19 vaccination clinic on Monday May 24th, from 9am-noon for all community members 12 years old and over. See the link below to register. Parents do NOT need to be present if their child has a signed consent form.

In addition, students will be completing the AIMS Web screening assessment in English Language Arts and Mathematics in the coming days. Please be sure your students are in attendance for this important piece of diagnostic assessment. We use this assessment data to plan intervention and class placements for the fall.

Students will need to turn in their District issued Chromebooks, chargers, and hotspots (if applicable) on June 9th and 10th. In the case of missing and or damaged units, fines will be assessed against students' accounts. All devices not returned will be electronically locked over the summer, so there's no reason to hang on to them.

Wednesday June 16th is the last day of school. Only Cohort A students will attend, following a shortened 6 period day schedule. The last day of school runs from 7:55am to 10:25 am. No bags or backpacks will be allowed on school grounds. "Grab and go" sack lunches will be available at the end of the day for students that request them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! See you next week!!

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Parent does not have to attend with their child if consent form has been filled out and signed.


Hey Falcons,

Here were our Vocabulary.com leaders for the week of May 10th - 16th.

For the week, OMS Finished Fifth place in Washington with 277 words mastered.

Congratulations to our top student, Evelyn Patton (47 words mastered), and our top teacher, Ms. Robbins (106 words mastered for her classes)!

Here were our top 5 students:

1st - Evelyn Patton (47 words mastered)
2nd – Sophie Carver (29 words mastered)
3rd – Cannon Manues (24 words mastered)

4th – Justin McKinney, Cristian Diaz-Toribio (14 words mastered)

5th (tie) – Olivia Mesaros (12 words mastered)

Check out this video from Mr. Collins for the full results: Ms. Robbins’s Classes for the WIN!

To get yourself on the leaderboard, go to www.vocabulary.com (you can access through ‘Clever’ on your Chromebook) and click the ‘Play’ button to start learning new words and adding to our school’s total number of Words Mastered!

-Mr. Collins

OMS Vocabulary.com Update May 10-16, 2021
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Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is now available. It provides funds towards service or other needs to individuals and families. Please click on the link below for more information, and please pass this on, especially to the families who may be in need.


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Sports for OMS this year will be an intramural format. This means we will not be competing against other schools. Rather than having individual sports seasons, we will be having one open activity season for kids to participate in.

Students attend only on the days they attend in-person learning. Option B students (Edgenuity) can participate on the days that match their last name: A-J Monday/Wednesday and K-Z Tuesday/Thursday but will be responsible for their own transportation to and from campus.

April 12-May 6: 2:45-4:00 pm

May 10-June 10 2:45-4:30 pm

(No sports May 31 and June 1)

Each day students arrive dressed for participation and will report to the big gym for attendance and instructions. They will then choose an activity for the day to participate in. They can choose a different activity each day that they participate in intramural sports, or they can always participate in the same activity.

Examples of activities include: soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, softball, baseball, track, pickleball, badminton, kickball, and general conditioning.

Locker rooms are NOT available, so students need to dress in comfortable clothes for school that allows them to participate in their activities. ASB cards are not required this year. There is NO fee to participate in Intramural Sports.


Mobile Library will be by appointment only and all stops will be made on Fridays. Please send an email to Mrs. Bowers with materials needed (books, Chromebook, science kit, math kit, etc.) and she will coordinate a time to meet at one of the stops. Please call Mrs. Bowers at 360-872-4297 or email her at bowersk@orting.wednet.edu


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Just a reminder, if you or your student are having technical difficulties with your Chromebook, please contact Orting Express on our district website, or click the button below.

As much as our office staff would like to help, we do not have the knowledge and skill, like that of our Tech Department. When you are directed to Orting Express, scroll and find the bubble chat icon. That is the quickest way to connect with our wonderful Tech Department.




Every morning your child will need an attestation on their health completed prior the start of school. Those students that have their attestations completed will be able to enter promptly. Students that do not have their attestations completed will be screened individually at the door. For ease and time, please see the instructions to complete your child's attestation each morning.
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Knowledge Bowl - Tuesday's at 2:45pm

Knowledge Bowl will meet virtually on Tuesday's at 2:45 p.m.. If you enjoy trivia and want to be part of the club please email the club advisor Mr. McIlraith and he will send you the meet code. Looking forward to working with all interested parties.


Anime Club Every Tuesday 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Anime club gets together once a week to talk about anime, have drawing contests, and play games together. We also use the Google Classroom to provide a safe appropriate forum for kids to talk about anime.

Contact Mr. Zimmerman with any questions! zimmermanb@orting.wednet.edu

The link is https://classroom.google.com/c/MTc0MzcyNTM4OTE5?cjc=kv5a6j6 or the class code is kv5a6j6

Dungeons and Dragons Every Monday 2:30pm to 4:30pm

The Dungeons & Dragons Club is for students interested in playing tabletop role-playing games. We like the creative experience of collaboratively telling stories, building worlds, having in-depth discussions, teaching new people to play RPGs, and of course, having a bunch of fun together. All are welcome in this club, and there is always room for another character in the game. Come have fun and build memories with other fellow players! If you have any questions, please contact Mr.Zimmerman at zimmermanb@orting.wednet.edu

The link is https://classroom.google.com/c/MTc0MzM2NzQwNDAz?cjc=7hz7qn3 or kids can get in by putting in the class code 7hz7qn3.

POKEMON GO - Meets every Wednesday from 2-3pm

Pokemon Go club will begin meeting Wednesday, December 2nd from 2-3pm! We will meet weekly on Wednesday. You can email Ms. Pryde at prydet@orting.wednet.com to be added, or go to Google Classroom and use the code jngsgbs to join! See you there!

Creative Writing Every Wednesday 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Creative Writing Club has started! Meetings are Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30. Come stretch your creative brain! We write, we share, we listen, we have fun! Contact Mrs. Martin at martine@orting.wednet.edu for more information’

Community Service Club officially kicks off Thursday, April 15th!

If you like serving others and being a positive part of your community, Community Service Club is for you! Work with us to find fun ways to support our community during this difficult time!

Meet Code: serviceclub

Contact Ms. Wright for more details! wrightc@orting.wednet.edu


ASB stands for Associated Student Body and consists of a group of students that represent the entire student body of Orting Middle School. The main objective of ASB is to make students feel connected to school and each other through involvement in ASB organized activities.

For more information and class code,

please contact Ms. Robbins at robbinsj@orting.wednet.edu

Campus Life

Campus Life is a positive place where students can go to have fun with friends, talk about relevant issues and be heard without judgment. It's a place where students are challenged to make good decisions and lead in positive ways in their school.

For more information, please contact Heide Maschhoff at heide.maschhoff@tacomayfc.org


The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) elevates a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. NJHS students and their peers volunteer in their communities.


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Important Reminder if Exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orting School District is providing some face to face instruction. As a condition of utilizing transportation and attending school, Parents may not send their child to school if any of the following are true:

1. Within the last 14 days, the student has been within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;

2. A health department representative or healthcare provider has been in contact with you and advised any member of the student's family to self-quarantine;

3. The student has a fever (>100.4), chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, headache, congestion or runny nose, a new cough, nausea or vomiting, OR a new loss of taste or smell; OR been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Orting Middle School

In an effort to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, we are encouraging families to call with any questions rather than coming to our building. If you are in need of coming into the building, please call prior and set up an appointment with staff.

Once you have scheduled an appointment , please be aware that we are implementing the COVID-19 guidelines of social distancing, attestation of symptoms, along with face coverings.