Hero Project

Margaret Waldman

My grandfather, John D. Bullock, is a doctor, a writer, a teacher and my hero. He attended many great schools. Dartmouth for undergraduate school, Harvard for medical school, Yale for his residency and taught at Wright State University in mathematics. He is a wonderful grandfather and has taught me many things in my life time.

Defining Someone Who Has Defined Me

Margaret Waldman


Hero Definition Essay


A hero. According to Oxford Dictionary this is, “A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities: [for example,] a war hero.” While this can be true, you don't have to be Hercules or a prince in a land far away to be a hero. A hero is someone that is inspirational and accomplished, and looked up to by others.

A hero is someone that is inspirational and accomplished. My grandfather is a hero to me. He grew up wanting to be a doctor and through hard work and many experiences he got to a point where he was one of the most accomplished, distinguished opthamologists in the country. Nobody else in his family had had a very distinguished higher education, but his mother had wanted him to be different. He got into Dartmouth College for his undergraduate education and then went on to Harvard University for his medical training. After this hard work , he practiced at Yale Med and went on to write hundreds of famous published papers and inventions. He did all of this while working on patients all over the world and making a difference. This is inspirational to me because I hope to pursue a career in design after going to college. My grandfather has inspired me and showed me that if I really want something I can get it.

Someone who is looked up to by others is a hero and can come in any package. It could be an elder, a teacher, a family member or a famous figurehead. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are both well known heroes that were very iconic during the Civil Rights Movement era. They are heroes because of how they stood up for what they believed in and stuck with it when some others, especially authorities did not agree. A hero can be created in this way. By standing up for something no matter who agrees or disagrees with them. A hero is anyone and everyone at the same time.

As you can see, a hero does not have just one simple definition, but overall a hero is what anyone makes of it. And this varies with every single person. A hero is someone that inspires, either themselves or others. This can be a famous actor, a student, a historical figure, or a stay at home parent.

Passion Project

Relation To Hero Paragrph

There are many connections between this quilt and my hero. Firstly, my grandfather was a surgeon and surgeons have to sew/stitch. Granted, they stitch skin and not fabric but I believed that making a quilt would be a better choice. Also my grandfather moved to Haiti to work for a couple of months. During this time my grandmother worked in a store where they sold quilts. She is also the one who taught me how to sew


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