People in Science

By Carson Schute

John Bohmer

- Invented cooking with sunlight

- It cost 5$ to make this

- He painted 2 cardboard boxes black and put black foil in the middle

- It was used to heat water too

- Some countrys used firewood until they heard about this

Figueroa Dijanna

-Spent 12 hours in the lab every day

- She was a marine biologist

- Coordinator of MUSE GREEN STREAM

-Graduated for Cal.

-PhD in Marine science

-She is a STEAM education specialist

-Helps 10 year olds with enganearing

Mitchell W. Pryor

-Help with other scientist research groups

-Designs robots

- He graduated and undergraduate in robotics

- He has a lot of kids and grown ups that are his fans

Anges Riley

-invented computer restoring

-He is a genus about computers

-She moved and started to repair full time

-Developed a lot of old computers