VSP Project

By: Ripken Reynolds

Mission Statement

I will constantly stand for my feelings for what is most important to me.

• Family

• Leadership

• Friends

Core Values


My education is main to me, to get good grades and have a successful future means a lot.


Gotta love my family. They help me through rough times and push me forward.

-Friends (& Sports)

Friends are third because i can't hang out with them if I have bad grades.


I always have the standards I set each year on New Year's Eve. For one my main one is to get average grades. Not fail but pass at least. Second, I want to be able to gain some weight or add some weight to my body, not fat but get stronger. Third, to be able to go on more trips with the team and win some championships. Fourth, I want to win state for Coppell these years I'm here in the high school. That would mean a lot for me because I've been waiting for the moment to do so. And finally, be able to see more of my family. I always set that priority because we use to live so close to family before we ended up moving to Texas.