Iranian Jerboa

This cute little rodent's survival depends on us

Food/ Habitat

The Iranian Jerboa (Allactaga firouzi) is one of the world's most endangered rodent species. It lives only in the Iranian Plateau, which makes it hard for conservation efforts. Its habitat is flat plains with vegetation. Some foods it eats are grass, seeds, and small insects. It is an omnivore, and since the jerboa is nocturnal, it hunts for food during the night.

Description Notes

The Iranian Jerboa is a mammal. It is part of the rodent family. It is covered in a light brown to tan fur, and is sometimes white. It is about 50 grams, and it has a tail length of about 150 mm. Its body length is only 100 mm long. It communicates with chirps and squeaks. It has abnormally large ears and tails, but it has very good eyesight and hearing.
Re: Long-Eared Jerboa
Rarely seen footage of an Iranian Jerboa. (NG)


The jerboa has large ears, eyes, and tails. Because of the abnormalities, it has very sensitive senses. It has winter and summer burrows. Most of the time it spends in its winter burrow it hibernates. It is timid, and shy of humans. Its fur colors camouflages with the terrain.

Reasosns for Endangerment

Although the Iranian Jerboa is shy and timid, it still interacts with some humans. Some humans capture them from their habitat, and keep them as pets. Also, some jerboas are victims of roadkill. Traps and factories also reasons for endangerment.

Crirical Information

The Iranian Jerboa was recently listed in Animal Planet's top twenty most endangered animal list. Animal Planet is an influential organization that helps animals. IUCN Red List also listed them as endangered. The jerboa was also subject to many environmental studies.

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