Ms. Parrett's Weekly Update

Volume 7 Week of 10/12/15

Check out what's happening in our classroom this week:


Once again on Friday, each student checked out a Just Right book on their level from the library. I asked the students to take the book home this weekend to read. I would like each student to take an A/R (Accelerated Reader) Test at school by Thursday of this week on their book. Please have them return their book once they have read it twice at home and let me know they are ready to take their test. Each student was also allowed to check out an On Deck book.

We will continue working on strategies that can be used to solve unknown words when reading such as looking at the beginning/ending sounds, trying it again, looking at the picture, chunking words, skip reading, ask yourself does it make sense, sound right, and look right.

In addition to identifying the characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, and the central message/lesson of a story.


We will continue working on writing small moment narrative stories. We will specifically be practicing adding more details to our stories to make them more interesting and to help the reader have a clear picture in his/her mind about the events in the story.


We will continue practicing tapping out 3 letters words along with this skill along with words that contain the following digraph blends - wh, ch, th, sh, ck. The following Trick Words will be introduced this week: to, into (did not get to last week), we, he, she, be, me These words will be put on the Word Wall in the classroom. After each word is introduced in class, it is expected to always be spelled correctly in any assignments/writings done in class as all the Trick Words are on the Word Wall for all students to see. If you child is not already familiar with these words, please make flashcards and begin working on them each night at home. They should be able to recognize these words in isolation and in text. If your child can already read these words, the next step is to make sure he/she can spell them. New Trick Words will be introduced each week.


We will continue working on number sense, counting to 120 (and beyond for some), starting at any number less than 120.

Design Principle - Empathy and Caring

Design Principle for October. "I care for others: others care for me." We will continue talking about this principle by discussing what these words mean and how they apply to the book The Brand New Kid.

Social Studies

We will continue our Unit on Historical Figures. This week we will learn about Harriet Tubman and if time allows, introduce Benjamin Franklin.


Reading - We will continue with the same procedure for this week. All students will receive a colored cloth bag this week with the books on their level

Math - new packet on Number Sense and Graphing will be sent home on Monday. The idea is to complete one sheet a night. However, I understand about extra curricular activities that occur in the evenings so complete the sheets as you see fit throughout the week. Please return the completed packet each Friday along with the colored Leveled Book Bags.

A Note From Our Principal

Dear parents of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders,

I just wanted to let you know that we started something new. Twice a week, we will be running flexible groups for 45-minutes that are geared toward your child's specific needs. For example, if student A shows an area of growth in math fluency as identified by MAP, twice a week student A would work in a small group possibly in another teachers class on those specific areas of concern. At the same time, student B might show math fluency as an area of strength and will be in a small group working on enrichment/extension activities.

It sounds like fruit-basket-turn-over but every child, twice a week, will receive specific support/enrichment based on their goals across their grade level with grade-level and intervention teachers. This is differentiation at it's finest!

So, your child might come home next week talking about being in another teacher's class for some math and some reading and learning with some students outside of their regular class - they are telling the truth :)

If you have any questions for me about this, please don't hesitate to email me or call me.


Principal Lofstrand

Upcoming Dates

October 12 - 16 CSD Homecoming Spirit Week

October 13 STEM Club @ 7:30 AM in Cafeteria

October 16 Community Circle @ 8:00 AM

October 19 - 23 Character Counts Week

October 20 Make-Up Picture Day

October 23 Community Circle @ 8:00 AM

October 27 Coffee Chat @ 7:30 AM

October 30 Community Circle @ 8:00 AM

November 3 Election/Professional Learning Day (NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS)