A Christmas Carol

By: Bradley Vanbebber

I think someone should go see a Christmas carol by Charles dickens because it is a very interesting play it is funny and full of excitement. First I think someone should watch the play because it is very easy to enjoy and if your someone like me who loves Christmas it would really stand out and touch your heart. Next I think someone should watch the play because there are lots of exiting, humorous, and surprising moments that you can't forget. And the lights were cool because the different color lights could make the whole seen look different. Then I think someone should watch the play is because of all the Christmas joy this play has in it. It is full of Christmas spirit. Lastly I think someone should see the play is because overall the play was very good and I would definitely go again if I had a chance.
Scrooge sacrificed his whole life and his money because it's like starting his life all over again and he sacrifices money by giving it away to the people. A sacrifice I've made in my life is I've sacrificed friendship because I was friends with this kid who was being a punk so I just stop talking to him and I told him that we shouldn't be friends.