Stanley Middle School

Week of September 25

See You at The Pole

8:00 - Wednesday morning at the flagpole.

All students are welcome.

October 13 - Conference Day

Parent/Student/Teacher conferences will be held on October 13, which is the last day of the 1st nine weeks.

School will dismiss at 1:00 and conferences will begin at 1:30 and conclude at 7:00pm.

No later than next Wednesday, October 5, you should receive an information from your student's teachers about conferences. Conferences will be held in person but if you need to schedule a phone or virtual conference that will be accommodated as well. If conferences needed to be scheduled before or after Oct. 13, that can occur as well.

All car riders need to be picked up by 1:15 on conference day so that all staff can participate in conferences.

Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball. Wrestling

These are our next wave of athletics with try outs beginning in a few weeks.

Students wanting to try out for these sports must have all information uploaded to and meet eligibility requirements.

See Coach Radford if you have any eligibility questions.

Chewing Gum

Please remind students not to bring gum or chew gum inside the school.

Early Check Out - Updated Information

Please know that in alignment with our 8:30 start time - students signed before 12:00 will be counted absent for the day.

Also - please do not pick up students after 2:45 unless it is an emergency situation.



Thank you to all who have contributed so far. We are working to send thank you notes to all who provided a first and last name on the gift!

We will continue to update the list quarterly as we see what become the hot items. This week, students and staff loved mystery grab bags which contained several prizes.

6th Grade Math - End of Unit Activity

Our 6th grade math teachers are putting together an engaging, standard-focused, and fun activity for the end of their next unit. If you would like to help - Amazon Link they would appreciate your support.

Draw the Line

"Draw the Line, Respect the Line" is a prevention program that teaches middle school-aged students how to develop personal limits, improve their ability to communicate boundaries, and learn and practice refusal skills.

If you are interested in your child participating in the program, please click the link for more information and to sign up.


September 27 - Golf@Cherryville

September 28 - Football@SMS

September 29 - Softball@SMS

September 30 - Varsity Chorus to Lenoir Rhyne

October 3- Golf Championship; Softball Playoffs

October 5 - Football@ BCMS

October 6 - Softball Championship

October 12 - Football Championship

October 13 - Early Dismissal 1:00\ Parent Conferences 1:30-7:00; Make Up Picture Day

October 14 - Optional Teacher Workday

October 20 - Report Cards distributed

October 21 - Nine Weeks PBIS Award

October 22- Mt Holly Lantern Parade

Student Quarterly Awards

Also, each nine weeks, all students who receive no ISS or OSS, no BUS suspensions, or no more than one rebound (removed from class for disruptive behavior) will be invited to a quarterly reward celebration. All students eligibility to attend begins on the first day of the nine weeks.

The first reward date is set for October 21.

Athletic Reminders

1. All bags will be searched. Bring as little as you can into the ballgame.

2. We will sell student tickets at lunch for home football and basketball games and any other "big game."

3. All pets need to remain at home during athletic events.

4. If you are coming on campus to a game, if you will arrive after 3:45, traffic will be more manageable.

5.Students who do not have a ride at school at the end of the game will lose the privilege of attending other home games.

6. Any student who chooses to not comply with the direction of adults will lose the privilege of attending other home games.

7. We ask that all spectators watch games inside the gate.

8. Tickets for all events are $5.00 for anyone school-aged or older.


Here is the STEAM Network link for parents (Business connections). This is a Google Form.

STEAM NETWORK with Businesses

Cell Phone Policy Reminder

GCS acknowledges that parents may opt to allow students to bring cell phones/two way communication devices (including watches) on school property for the purpose of communication as long as they are not activated, used, displayed or visible during the instructional day (which is as soon as students enter the building). School employees are permitted to confiscate any device which is activated, used, displayed or visible once students go thru metal detection. Phones which require parent pick up must be picked up by parent or guardian.

Therefore, the expectation is that if parents allow students to bring phones to school that they remain in their bookbag, OFF and AWAY, from the time they arrive at school until they leave at the end of the day.

See Rule 18 in the GCS Code of Conduct for full policy.

SMS Student/Parent Handbook

Please reference this electronic handbook if you have any questions regarding general polices and procedures for school.