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This year for the STEAM Fair, the theme was Shark Tank. Students worked in groups to brainstorm an idea for a new invention that would benefit society. From there, they researched the original inventor, created a plan as to how much the product would cost/sell for and created a marketing plan to advertise their product. Throughout the STEAM Fair on May 16th, the gym was brought to life with student innovators that tried to pitch their products to our judges. Students not only expressed their reason behind creating their inventions, but also used their prototypes to demonstrate exactly how their product would work. Commercials that students created in Technology were used to further advertise and support each students project.

To bring the Art aspect to STEAM, musical performances took place in the Cafeteria for students, staff and families to witness the talented musicians we have at LMS. In addition, the Art department provided student work to bring our STEAM arcade to life. The arcade was organized by Mrs. Rubenfeld’s eighth grade Technology students. The students incorporated many components of “STEAM” into this exciting project. Students used Technology and Math to create an arcade game on the computer that they coded using the website, Students then utilized their engineering skills as they designed and created hands-on prototypes of the arcade games that they previously coded . They were able to use everyday materials like cardboard, pipe cleaners, and duct tape. These innovative students were greeted with many smiling and enthusiastic faces as people came to play their games throughout the STEAM Fair event.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success & a big congratulations to our students on a job well done!

Double Accelerated Mathematics Program

Here in Lawrence we take pride in all that our students accomplish, and we love helping them grow beyond what they believe they are capable of. Our Double Accelerated Mathematics Program has helped many students prepare for the future and challenged them to keep learning. Please read the article below to learn more about this program & the accomplishment of some of our High School Seniors!