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On the new Gale databases, you can highlight and annotate an article within the database and then download it to your Google Drive.

You can also share search results or individual resources on Google Classroom! See a librarian for tips (or if you just want to geek out about how awesome this is).

We would still like to visit your department meetings, and we are available to teach your classes about the database features. Thanks to Chromebooks, we are traveling librarians!

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Contest time: It's almost Valentine's Day!

... and you're good for our circulation! Know a cheesy library pick-up line? Share it with us! There's a moonpie in it for you.

In the upcoming days, you will find a heart in your mailbox. Please write the title of a loved book on your heart and return it to a librarian. Let's celebrate book love!

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Packing, Weeding, and Discarding, Oh my!

VHS Tapes: Still Part of Your Collection.

We have many VHS tapes that are going to be put on the endangered species list. If you would like to rescue one of these rare beauties, please come peruse the collection and stick a post-it on it.

If you have a request for DVDs (or if you have a VHS that you love that you'd like us to purchase as DVD) please let us know!


Magazines are available to cut for projects in the makerspace area. Please feel free to help yourself.

Knitting or Crocheting

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 2pm


Want to learn how to knit or crochet? Need a new activity for the upcoming snow days? Already knit or crochet but want a time and place to work on a project? Join us beginning February 3!

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