The Elevator

Written by: William Sleator


Martin is a child who moved to an apartment building with his dad. There is an elevator that scares him and he cannot get over it. Then a lady starts to come in the elevator, and she is always looking at Martin. And it gets worse.

Challenge Connection

Martin is afraid of the Elevator in his building. Most kids are at first, but there is something different about this one.


Martin is afraid of the elevator in his building, but a lady comes in a stairs at him all the time. Then, she finally gets him, she shuts the elevator of while she says,"Hello Martin. Ha" There is no resolution. The story leaves you hanging.


Protagonist- Martin- he is a small boy who moved into an apartment and he a afraid of the elevator
Antagonist-Lady- she has been using the elevator and she found Martin, and all she does is stare at him, and then, she turns the elevator off.


The theme is about a kid named Martin who finds a woman in the elevator who eventually takes the action to trap herself and Martin in the elevator, she shut it down.

Other connections

His Dad is not helping Martin out with his fear of the elevator, and when Martin told his dad about the lady, he still didn't help him, and now Martin's dad doesn't know where Martin is.