Norfolk Virgina

Weather on week Feb 23 to March 1


The season that it is in Norfolk Virginia is almost spring and during my week of tracking it was in the middle of winter. The temperatures in Norfolk were very cold during this week, the highest temperature of the week was 37*F and the lowest temperature was 25*F.
The wind during this was relatively high the highest wind during this week was 14 mph coming out of the west. The lowest wind temperature was 6 mph coming out of the North East. The winds mostly came out of the South and the West. The precipitation of this week was all snow and a tad bit of rain toward the end of the week. During the week they got a low of 0 in of snow and a high of 5.5 in of snow and only an inch of rain. The humidity during this week was a little bit lower than usual with a high of 30% and a low of 23%.


The temperatures in this city during winter is normally a high of lower 30s and a low around the higher 20s. This city has this climate because it is more toward the top of the globe than we are. The latitude and longitude for Norfolk is 36.9* N and 76.2* W it is closer to the poles than we are. The prevailing winds from my area come from the south west so they make the temperature a little colder. This is one of the more popular cities in Virginia it is also larger than a lot of the other cities. This city has been brushed by a hurricane and also been hit by one because there is the Atlantic ocean right next to them. This city is closer to the ocean than it is to mountains. It is probably as close to the ocean as you could have it with out being in the ocean. There are really cold ocean currents that's why it is chilly most of the time. If this city were to be moved more inland it would bring the average temperature down a lot.

My Aunt

My contact person was my Aunt, my Moms sister. She said that the temperatures were way to cold and there was to much snow for her, she would like to move back to Texas. My predicted weather was a little to high for this week I predicted that it would be middle to lower 50s and a low of higher 30s.


Quick Facts

  • An early English settlement, Norfolk is filled with historic sites and monuments. Norfolk is also home to the oldest U.S. naval port, as well as the Battleship Wisconsin, which was in service from World War II through the Persian Gulf War.
  • Norfolk International Terminal has completed a 300-acre expansion, making it the largest intermodel center in the U.S.
  • Norfolk is home to the Virginia Opera, the Virginia Stage Company, the Virginia Symphony, the Virginia Arts Festival, Chrysler Hall, Chrysler Museum of Art, the Douglas MacArthur Memorial, and Nauticus, the National Maritime Center.

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