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le 28 mars - Spring 2016 - Sénégal

Parents, sit down with your child to check his or her French course grades.

Parents, please have your child open his or her gradebook for you at home. I find this is the best way for parents to evaluate their child's progress and learning.

Hopefully you have already checked your gradebook and didn't see the image below!

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Grade Improvement Opportunities Are Here!

Check your French course classroom bulletin. I am offering grade improvement opportunities that can definitely improve your overall French grade if you complete them. Be sure to check news items daily and classroom bulletin board.

Just a reminder that grade improvement opportunities will NOT be accepted outside the time window specified in the grade improvement instructions.

I will offer grade improvement opportunities for each module, but you have to complete them as they are offered because they will not be offered again at the end of the semester.

Senegal is an important francophone country in Africa.

Click here for information about what to see and do in Sénégal. It is a vibrant, beautiful country. The background of this newsletter is a picture taken from Dakar, the capital of Sénégal. Check it out. Maybe one day you will go!
This Newsletter's Cultural Insight

Etiquette and customs are an important part of culture and society. Learn what matters in Sénégal.

Thiéboudienne - Popular Senegalese Dish

Here is some information about thiéboudienne, a typical dish from Sénégal. The Senegalese and their eating customs are very social and communal.

This Newsletter's French Language Musical Artist - MC Solaar

MC Solaar is French rapper of Senegalese and Chadian origins. He is very well known throughout the francophone world.

Copy the URL below to access the lyrics (paroles) for this song.
Mc Solaar - Victime De La Mode

My Weekly Office Hour!

Wednesday, March 30th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

Don't forget that I hold a weekly office hour for you to ask me questions and to discuss about your French course whatever your heart may desire. It's an opportunity for us to connect. It would be great if you would attend the session. Be sure to have headphones and a microphone. See you there!

Click here for the AdobeConnect link to my virtual office.

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Remember that I hold this office hour every week at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday