Counseling Career

School Counselor and Career Counselor

What does a counselor do ?

A counselor is someone who is always going to be there for you no matter what you are going through. They can be there for you for many different reasons. There are school counselors and their job is to take your problem seriously and help you find a solution. They also help students develop social skills and succeed in school. Then there are career counselors and they help people make career decisions by making them choose a career or an educational program.

Education and Training

To become any kind of counselor you need to be credentialed or have a master's degree. When you have a master's degree it doesn't have to be directly on counseling but it can be in a similar field. Career counselors who work in private practices need a license.

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Counselors earn $53,610 per year and $25.77 per hour. Depending what type of counselor you are, you usually work full time.

College I'm Interested In

Western Illinois University

It is located in Macomb, Illinois. The tuition for out of state is $11,122. I chose this particular college because I think it has everything I've been looking for. It is also best known for being a beautiful college as well.