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June Issue

Message to Parents

What a year!! I have a feeling this year will be one that your children talk about with their children. So many changes and directives came our way, but we continued to persevere. Just one more time we want to tell you thank you for your support and thanks to our students for continuing to show grit and resilience. We wish you a wonderful summer full of family fun and memories and look forward to seeing you all back here in September when hopefully things feel a little more "normal." Please know that we will still be required to operate under Ready Schools Safe Learners as directed by the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority. We expect our first update around June 25th and will post updates to the District Facebook page as we get them.

Graduation a Success

June 4th was a beautiful evening for a graduation!!! Thanks so much to everyone in the community who came out to celebrate the Class of 2021 in the procession through town. Thanks also to community partners including Burden's Crane Service, KTIL Radio, Nearspace Corporation, Tillamook City Police Department, Tillamook County Fairgrounds, and Scott Cummings (for the amazing fireworks display). We couldn't have put this great event together without your support!
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Reading and Planting in the Wilson River Garden

Pre-k students continued work with Wilson River students this month. During our beautiful weather, Wilson River students spent time reading to our littles in both English and Spanish. Students also got to plant beans in the garden with the help of their older counterparts. We are extremely thankful for this partnership!

Field Day Fun at Liberty

The last week of school was full of so many wonderful experiences for our students at Liberty. We had Teddy Bear Picnics in Kindergarten, Step-Up to South Prairie for 1st grade, and Field Day for everyone! As field day sessions happened, the playground was filled with music, smiles and laughter. Students played favorite games, and tried some new ones. Together, we made memories to last a lifetime!

From Prairie Dogs to Panthers

Being an elementary school student in Tillamook School District comes with many perks. One of them is that you get to experience being a student at all three elementary schools during your K-6 years. While that is exciting, moving to a new school every couple of years can create some nervousness. In order to reduce some of the stress of those transitions, we have Pop Up Days where students travel to their next school to meet key employees, take a sneak peek at their new school, and ask important questions like, “How long is recess?” and “Where are the bathrooms?” 3rd graders from SPS hopped a bus to East School this month to see where they will be going for 4th grade. They came back excited to graduate from being Prairie Dogs to Panthers!

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East End of Year Wrap Up

Panther Strong! We are finishing the year until the last minute of the last day with learning opportunities and celebrations of finishing strong. East students, families, and staff, although imperfectly so, have engineered a learning adventure that has been flexible, adaptable, proactive, and focused on students. This last week has had many exciting components and the future is bright! Go Panthers!!
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Always a Good Time at TJH

Mrs. Bernard's students have been making amazing crafts with beans and toilet paper tubes! TJHS students have been enjoying their creative sides in Crafts. We are also preparing for next year's PE classes with new, custom-built Corn Hole Boards. Our own Brandon Affolter made them for the school. They are beautiful and even have Mrs. Radcliffe's favorite fella on the front!

Students Help out at THS

Tillamook high school students teamed up with the American Heart Association to raise money for kids with special hearts. Raising money is nothing new to our students as they set the bar high each year during the annual Charity Drive. Our students decided to give it one last effort for two weeks. Our goal was to raise 1,000 dollars and every 200 dollars was a pie in the face to one of our teachers/admin. We came up just short of our goal, but were able to pie Mr. Balun and Mrs. Hartford. Mr. Begin’s Academic Support class had the most students signed up which earned them some delicious ice cream! Overall, it was a great two weeks. We are hoping to continue to partner with American Heart in future years.

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Padres Unidos Fundraiser

On May 24th and May 25th the parents of the Padres Unidos parent group met to prepare tamales for the annual Tamales Sale Fundraiser. The Padres Unidos parent group is a group of Latino Parents that meets monthly with Liberty School Teacher Silvia Dickson to discuss school related topics, plans cultural events at the schools, organizes the annual Kermes cultural event in September, and sells and prepares tamales for the Tamales Fundraiser. The funds raised by this event go towards supporting cultural activities in the district, as well as supporting two scholarships that are given out to two graduating seniors. This year the group sold over 700 tamales and orders were filled in less than one day.

“Rockin’ at Trask River High School”

Just outside the door of the greenhouse at the Trask River High School, a failing drain ditch turned into a project that resulted in an amazing discovery. Rather than simply replace the old rock and sediment that caused the drainage problem, with a new load of fresh rock, garden instructor Cris Roberts took her students in a different direction. To begin with, students dug out the old filler rock that had clogged the failed drain. Then, they began a multi-step process of washing the old rock and putting it through a combination of screens to remove sediment. Next, the perforated drain pipe was covered with a “sleeve.” After this, medium-size rock was added to cover the new drain, followed by three-quarter inch gravel. The final step was to add fine quarter-inch gravel to bring the ditch to ground level. Voilà, the project was completed. Or was it…?

While this project proved very tedious, and very dirty, the amazing part of the project began to reveal itself. Students began to find a variety of colorful rocks and agates among the muck. The more the students worked, the more hidden gems were found in that muddy rock. A newly purchased double-barrel rock tumbler brought lustre to the newfound treasure.

By going through the project, our youth gained a sense of pride at a hard job well done. They’ve also learned to look closely at what they are walking by and to envision the possibilities found in every obscure piece of rock they find. It doesn’t require great imagination to see a comparison of our unearthed beautiful rock treasures and the youth we have at Trask. Our school is in the business of education and reformation here at our Oregon Youth Authority facility. Daily we get to encounter young-man-gems in the rough and help lift them out of the muck and polish them into contributing members of society.

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Thank You to Local Sponsors from the THS Softball Team

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Tillamook School District

The mission of the Tillamook School District is to prepare our students with the academic, artistic, and social skills necessary to become positive contributors to a changing world.