6th Grade Field Trip

Fishing, Archery, Pond Study, Furs, and a Hike in the woods


You will go fishing and trust me it is so much fun! First they will explain how to cast and put the worms on. Then they will turn you lose. If you catch a fish you get to hold it and then you throw it back. You can catch big or small fish, frogs, and turtles.


When you get to the archery station you will get in lines and they will show you how to shoot the bow. When it is your turn up you will get to shoot three arrows. After everyone has gone twice you will play a game. Everyone gets to shoots one more arrow and the person that gets it in the center wins.

Pond Study

At pond study you get a bucket and a net. You are to look for little creatures in the water. You might even see a snake. The most common things that you will find are frogs and beetles.

Nature Hike

On the nature hike you will hike through the forest. Your tour guide will show you different types of planks and animal tracks. He will show you different types of landscapes.
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At the furs station you will learn about different types of animals furs and what they do for them. They will have raccoon, skunks, foxes, beavers, bob cats and many more furs there for you to touch and look at.
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