Parent Peek at the Week

Week of September 23rd, 2019

In case you missed it.....

Important Dates

Monday, September 23rd - Day 5

  • 6:00pm - 6:45pm: Pizza dinner in the back yard
  • 6:45pm - 7:30pm: Open House

Tuesday, September 24th - Day 1

  • All day - Junior Soccer Tournament

Wednesday, September 25th - Day 2

  • All day: Mrs. Oddie's class to Outdoor Education Centre
  • All day - Rowan's Law Day - we will all be learning more about concussions

Thursday, September 26th - Day 3

  • 1:45pm - Terry Fox Assembly and then Terry Fox Walk - Feel free to join us!

Friday, September 27th - Day 0

  • All day - PA for teachers, where we will be focusing on our Math School Improvement Plan!

Some important information for this week....

Fire Drills

Last week we had our first Fire Drill practice at Kawartha Heights. The students and staff did an exemplary job - knowing exactly what to do! We'll be having at least 2 more practices in the near future (before it gets too cold outside).

Breakfast Program

Our morning Breakfast Program is now up and running - a huge thank you to Jennifer Cooke who is supporting with buying our food on a weekly basis. We are still in great need of a volunteer driver - who can pick up the bags of groceries from the school on Tuesday mornings and deliver to Christ Lutheran Church on Highland Road for 9:30am. This could even be a job for a Grandma or Grandpa to help us with! If you are able to support, please let Mrs. Sampson know.

Orange Shirt Day

Monday, September 30th is Orange Shirt Day. A you’re probably aware, this day is to educate and promote awareness about the Residential school system and the impact on the Indigenous community. We'll be focusing our learning on this day (in an age appropriate way) and encourage all staff and students to wear orange in support and recognition of this important day.

Rowan's Law

This Wednesday, September 25th is Rowan's Law Day. Rowan’s Law was named for Rowan Stringer, a high school rugby player from Ottawa, who died in the spring of 2013 from a condition known as second impact syndrome (swelling of the brain caused by a subsequent injury that occurred before a previous injury healed). Rowan is believed to have experienced three concussions over six days while playing rugby. She had a concussion but didn’t know her brain needed time to heal. Neither did her parents, teachers or coaches. Rowan’s Law and Rowan’s Law Day were established to honour her memory and bring awareness to concussions and concussion safety.

This week, our students will be learning more about preventing concussions and recognizing concussion symptoms during their physical education and health classes. Watch for some posts about this important topic on Twitter and Instagram a well!

Pizza Dinner and Open House

The big night is almost here! We'll be serving the pre-paid pizza and drinks out back on the pavement from 6:00-6:45pm. At 6:45pm the classrooms will open until 7:30pm for our annual Open House. We look forward to seeing you and your family at this great "welcome back" event.

Terry Fox

Thank you to Ms. Bartlett for organizing our Terry Fox run for September 26th. We'll be having an assembly in the gym at 1:45pm, followed by our school walk on the main yard (Grades 1 - 6) and Kindergarten yard (for our little ones). If at least half of the students in a class bring in their Toonie for Terry, the class can choose 1 item that Mrs. Sampson has to wear for the walk that day. Let's meet our goal and dress her up!

Bicycles on School Property

We are thrilled to see so many students riding their bikes to school! A reminder to all that bikes are always to be walked on school property. Mrs. Sampson and the staff will be out this week giving gentle reminders to walk bikes when entering the school gates in the morning, and walk bikes back out to the gate at the end of the day. As we all know - the end of the day can be very busy, so walking bikes on school property is very important to ensure safety for all.

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Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind...

NOTE: These are all listed on our Edsby calendar too!

September 30th - Orange Shirt Day

September 30th - Bus Evacuation Drills

October 2nd - Cross Country Meet

October 7th - School Council Meeting

October 9th - School Photo Day

Just one more thing.....

During the month of September, I have been amazed at the kindness shown at Kawartha Heights! Kindness comes in many shapes and forms - kindness from staff to students, kindness shown between students and kindness shown between staff members. I am especially thankful for the kindness (and patience!) that students, staff and families have shown me as I learn the ropes at Kawartha Heights. There is no doubt that our school community is very special - thanks to everyone for the kindness, compassion and team work you exemplify every day.

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