STEM Notes

January 2016 Edition

NGSS Resources For You to Use!

Many of you expressed a desire to learn more after our recent NGSS training at Buckingham. Awesome! Know that nobody has this stuff all the way "figured out" yet. But people are starting to offer more ideas and resources to build our knowledge about how to teach STEM more effectively. We can and should be part of that conversation!

Here are a few resources to help either refresh or dig deeper into NGSS...

1. Teaching Channel Overview videos -

2. Bosemann Science - Paul Andersen (a teacher) has created videos about many parts of NGSS. He posts all of these as well as some handy pdf resources. Paul does a particularly good job of linking K-12.

3. Next Generation Science Standards website - This is the source! Pay particular attention to the appendices on the left hand menu (progressions are helpful).

4. Oregon Science Teachers Association website - This is our local connection to one of the largest science teacher groups (NSTA). The website is up to date and includes many great resources about NGSS.

Design Club Update

Design Club started it's second session on Thursday, January 7. Over 50 K-5 graders were present and designing! A key change between the first and second sessions is that this round, students are working in small work groups for the next 8-10 weeks on a topic. Our six work groups include 3-5 grade Lego Robotics, K-2 Lego Structures, DIY Design and Build, Coding and Ozobots, Wooden Structures, and Electrical Circuits. These groups are run mostly by skilled parent volunteers and motivated teachers (thanks Frank and Rebecca especially).

We will not be able to take many more students this session. Fifty or so students is already pretty challenging to keep tabs on for now. There may be a possibility of additional students, though, in our last session which will start at the end of March.
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