Transportation of Jews


Holocaust Train

The railway transports, called Holocaust trains, were run by the Deutshe Reinchsbahn under the super vision of the German Nazis. The Holocaust trains were used for the deportion of Jews 9and other victims) that were to stay in the ghetto. Those being deported were not provided with food or water.

The cars of the train suffered severe temperatures as well as the stench of urine and feces.

Many people died on the trains from lack of food or water. Even from the temperature being too cold.

Armed guards would shoot anyone who tried to escape.

Between 1941 and 1944, millions of people had been transported.

If the distance wasn't very long, they would just go by foot.


Transportation to camp would regularly take days. Families, individuals and everyone in the community together with all the personal belongings that they could take with them were crammed into cattle trucks. They all had been locked in and were on the road for days.

They had no idea where they were or where they were going not even how long they would be gone for or the the possibilities that could wait for them in the future. Not only did they have no idea of anything, the conditions of this transportation was horrid. The Jews were treated like animals stuffed into cattle trucks for days, traveling across Europe and taken to a camp where majority is starved, killed and become sick from diseases.

They were either put in freight or passenger cars to be transported to these horrifying camps. They were generally not given any food or water during their deportation, they experienced the freezing cold during the winter with no jackets or blankets and also experienced the burning heat during the summer. From lack of food or water many died from dehydration and starvation during deportation.