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June 12, 2015

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Things to KNOW


  • 16th - Last Day of School (1:30 pm Dismissal)
  • 29th - Virtual Book Study on Beyond The Bake Sale

We will miss our 8th Graders!

KP Promotion '15 8th Grade Promotion June 10, 2015

Opportunities for INPUT BELOW!

Dress Code --An opportunity for Input

KP Families, We’ve adjusted the dress code in a way that aligns a bit more closely with the other middle schools while also attempting to make it a little clearer. We welcome parent/guardian input in respect to the language of the revision. While we know that we need to improve the consistency in respect to its enforcement, the goal of our staff is to always address dress code concerns in a way that is as private as possible and always respectful.

--Your Partner in Education, Joy K. Wright

In order to make comments/questions: Once near the identified area, go to insert, click comment and write.

Dress Code Revision-Parent/Guardian Input

2015 Yearbook Etiquette

Before writing “H.A.G.S” (Have a great summer) in someone’s yearbook think about what you’re writing. Signing someone’s yearbook is the last time to say something memorable that the recipient will read and remember the writer by for the rest of their lives. It’s only fair that before picking up a pen the signer learns some proper yearbook etiquette.

  • Rule number one is the simplest rule there is - do not be mean. No one wants to look back at a yearbook in 20 years and see how mean the signer was. That is no way to be remembered.
  • Next is grammar. Take the time to spell words out so your message won’t seem like nonsense in 10 years.
  • After checking for grammar, make sure you’re not a space-hog. While signing a yearbook it is easy to get carried away. It is important to remember you are not this person’s only friend and to leave room for other people.
  • Writing neatly is essential in a yearbook. If no one can read your message, it’s worthless and does not deserve to be written. Overall neatness is key.
  • The most important rule in signing a yearbook is making sure the person’s name is spelled correctly. Writing a heartfelt message is nice, but if their name is spelled wrong (or a person is even careless enough to write the wrong name), their message is meaningless. This is one of the most common and avoidable mistakes. If it is necessary, look at how everyone else on the page spelled the person’s name or just ask them how to spell it.

Now that proper yearbook etiquette is established, go out and sign to your heart’s content!

** Please Note **

Any writing in someone’s yearbook that is deemed inappropriate by administration may result in disciplinary actions and/or having the signee pay in full for said yearbook.


Has your child left any clothing at KP?

We will hold all clothing until the end of July. In August, we arrange for the Salvation Army to pick up any clothing that has been left behind. Please call ahead so that we can make arrangements for you to look through the clothing for any items your child may have left at school. Summer school hours are 8:00am-3:00pm.

Thank you.

This week we've been playing 8th grade student-produced music from Mrs. Zerra's class. For your listening pleasure.

Student Recognition

The following students were awarded “Character Counts at KP” certificates. These students are honored for deeds which warrant praise and demonstrate that King Philip Middle School students continue to exhibit one of our positive character traits; Respectful, Responsible or Citizenship. Please join in congratulating Onyx E, Reatt S, Sylvie P, Ariana E, Erin M, Carla L, Daniel T, Jessica N, Leah S, Ryan O, Devon S, Gavin B, Lauren B, Colleen A, Matthew A, Charles C, John B, Palakjot B, Margaret M, Allison F, Jade H, Leah J, Alexander C, Benjamin R, Delnaz A, John M, Ryan D, Zachary E, Lauryn W, Bailey N, Jordaine W, Joshua L, Aine D, Lauren P, Lauren M, Bill K., Benny C, Benjamin Z, Sebastian S, Macyn H, Sarah D, Connor F, Grace S, Grace C, Beau A, Samuel F, Andrew L, DeJuan B, Zachary B, Alexander T, Chris T, Sadie M, Oscar S, Drew S, Jessica B, Logan T, Arielle F, Eli K, Kobe D, Gary H, Milo G, Gabrielle M, Natalia R, Isabella B, Wen Fang Z, Anna B, Olivia N, Christopher L, Azayan A, John K, Bilaxan P, Joy Z, Madeline A, Xiao L, Aidan C, Joy L, Noah B, Sabrina B, Manuel S, Eli S, Mitchell B, Jilian C, Christian D, Liam W, Ava T, Jay G, Daniel S, Anna C, Owen B, Nathin B, Ori Q, Owen M, Rose K, Jenna S, Connor S, Mia D, Sylvia W, Gabriel S, Mila A, Imani L, Mariana B, Amandah S, and Madison Z.

Students of the Month

Alexis D, Caroline A, Ryan D, Zachary E, Talya R, Franklin R, Alex L, Sarah P, Joy Z, Joshua W, Katelyn S, Logan T, Gordon Y, Sophie E, Christian D, Benny C, Amelia T, Cecilia W, Olivia B, Nicolas I, Leah J, Jessica M, Cole M, Liana A, Steve N, Ella R, Samuel C, Paige O, Megan R, Zachary M, Anna B, Abby F, Noe C, Isabella P, Jack N and Sophia E.

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We Want Students Reading This Summer!

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Please click here for the flyer that contains information on the program. The program introduces students to computer science topics - primarily through creating computer programs on Android smartphones.

The two-week program runs 8/3 - 8/14, 8:30am - 4:00pm. Lunch is provided to students each day throughout the program. The program is offered at a reduced cost - $200 per student, and scholarships are also available.

The program is partially funded by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

Sign up to receive information on school happenings

We'd love to use the features Final Site offers us to communicate with KP families. Please register to receive e-mail and/or text messages about school happenings. Sign up by clicking on the following link:


Please be aware that before the first day of your child's 7th grade school year, the following information needs to be brought to the school nurse.

1. Physical exam completed after 7/1/2013

2. Updated immunizations to include Menactra, Tdap and 2 Varicella

Thank you and if you have any questions call us.

Melissa Hawkins RN and Kathy Condon RN

office # 860-929-5260

fax # 860-929-5283