Communication with NO Voices!

Can you communicate without sound?

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2nd Grade Communication

Students will learn how to communicate with each other from opposite sides of the room without using their voices.

Imagination will be the key the students success.

Objectives and Standards

Students will be able to find a different way of communication other than using their voice.

Students will be able to determine what the alternative forms of communication will be effective.

Arizona Science Standard Strand 3: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Concept 2: Science and Technology in Society
PO 1: Analyze how various technologies impact aspects of people's lives

ETS1.C: Optimizing the design solution

Ask- What is the problem?

Can we communicate without using our voices?
How can we communicate with no sound?
What materials will you need to communicate?
Will you use technology?

Imagine - What are the constraints and criteria? What are many ideas that could solve this problem?

Constraints and criteria
Students can not use their voices.
Students must be able to communicate back and forth at least four times.
No technology

Trial and error
Multiple forms

Gather Information: What has been done to solve the problem? What science concepts are in effect here?

Students will have to make a chart of ideas they have brainstormed about other ways they can communicate with the distance. Students will write down the materials they will need to communicate. Students have to use communication outside of technology.

A great science concept to use is discovery. The students will not be able to use technology which will enhance their imagination and discover other forms of communication.


Select a best design that meets the constraints and criteria

Gather necessary materials and draw models.