Being A Good Student

By: Lindsey

You should not try to do what your friend is doing if it is a bad decision . If you see your best friend throwing things, and you think it is awesome, and you really want to do it, do not do it. There is a little voice inside you, and it is the good voice. Follow the voice, not your brain. That tiny voice inside you will make the good choices, not the bad.

In The Hallway

In the hallway, most teachers are strict, so you have to fallow directions. Fist of all, you have to by quiet. Even a wisper, you will probily get caught. Another thing is, never touch the wall.

Remember, to be a good student, you have to watch your behavior. Do not just watch your behavior in your classroom, watch it when you are being independent, in your classroom, on the stairs, and in the hallway.