Fourth Grade News!

February 2016

Upcoming Dates


  • 9th: 100th Day (dress up like your 100 years old) & Box Tops Collection
  • 10th: MSO & Milwaukee Art Museum Field Trip (Cold Lunch)
  • 12th: Valentine's (bring valentines to exchange & wear red)
  • 16th: Technology Day (Google Training for kids)
  • 19th: 6 Flags Reading Sheets due
  • 26th: Edgewood Spirit Day & Book Exchange


  • 3rd: Seuss Day
  • 4th: Enchanted Evening (more information in Friday Folders)


  1. If I do not have a scheduled conference with you, the results from winter AIMs & Reading Benchmark assessments will be in Friday folders.
  2. The class met Dr. Culver, our superintendent, on Wednesday and interviewed him. The students used this experience to begin our informational writing unit. In writing we will use nonfiction features in our informational written pieces.
  3. We performed Reader's Theater plays today for the other fourth grade classes.
  4. We are mastering measurement. The the most important concepts your child needs to know are: the prefixes of the metric system (kilo=1,000 of, hecto=100 of, deca=10 of, base (liter, meter, gram), deci (10 in), centi=100 in, milli=1,000 in), you multiply when converting a bigger unit into a smaller unit, and how to find area & perimeter.
  5. The reading learning targets are making connections, identifying cause & effect, and features of trickster tales/pourquoi tales.
  6. We have one more lab in our Chemical Tests Unit before we identify the mystery chemicals.
  7. We continue to read and research the Southeast Region. Our Southeast state geography test will be Wednesday, February 24th.