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Week of August 2, 2020

Family Faith Updates: "Does This Year Count?"

Family Faith classes will continue virtually, and will not return to in person sessions until further notice. With this, many families are wondering, "Does this year of Family Faith count?" Especially if this year is in preparation for your child's sacraments of Communion or Confirmation. The answer...YES!

As a parish, we are accountable for maintaining communication and attendance of our families. As we have already taken attendance in January and February before the COVID shut down, we will continue to take attendance in September through December. Attendance will be based upon:

  1. Family Faith Newsletter link to survey questions - Each week, please read and discuss our Family Faith Newsletter together with your family. Use the activities as a guide to teach your children about the weekly mass readings and our faith. Beginning in September, a google link to a survey with questions will be included. As a family, you will have an opportunity to respond to these questions. Your response will count towards attendance/completion of the activities.
  2. Attendance at monthly parent zoom sessions - These zoom sessions will begin the week of August 16. More details to follow in next week's newsletter.

Please make every effort to complete these weekly survey questions and monthly zoom sessions. We will use these as evidence of attendance and completion of this year's family faith program.

It is important that we have your updated email address! The weekly newsletters will only be emailed and will not be posted on our parish website. If you have any questions or would like to share your updated email address with us, feel free to contact the parish office. Please check your email, Facebook, and Twitter for important updates!

Mass Readings for August 2: Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew's Gospel of the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with fishes and loaves, portrays one of the many miracles performed by Jesus.

As Jesus withdrew himself away from crowds at the news of John the Baptist's death, this demonstrates the human, genuine side of Jesus portraying emotions of sadness and grief. However, as the crowds came near, instead of moving further away in his sadness, He has compassion and love to feed the people.

Through the miracle in this Gospel Reading, we understand that anything we accomplish is through the grace and works of God. When the disciples only had five loaves and two fishes, through God's grace, Jesus was able to use this to feed the crowd of 5000. Jesus took the little the disciples had, and did something miraculous and amazing. He can do the same with our lives, when we are willing to bring Him whatever we have.

At times, life can seem painful, challenging, and impossible. However, God provides what we need. As He provides us grace, life, and heaven, we believe that through our "daily bread" and understanding of God, He will work miracles and always love us!

Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, August 2

Translated in English and Spanish

The Gospel - Matthew 14:13-21 (18th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Jesus Feeds 5000 - Matthew 14 | Sunday School Lesson & Bible Story for Kids |HD|

Activities for Family

A Basket of Fishes & Loaves!

As a family, read this Sunday's Gospel story and watch the videos to help describe the significance of Jesus' miracle. To make this story more meaningful to your children, follow the steps below to create this Basket of Fishes & Loaves craft!


Uplift Video of the Week!

'Timeless Power of Song'

Music often creates an escape from our difficult reality. Stephen Ridley, the singer and pianist in this video, uses his talent to serenade the world away from worries.

Stephen was born in England and his talent for playing the piano began when he was only six years old. Although Stephen's true passion was music, he pursued a degree in economics and worked as a successful business trader in London by age 21.

It wasn't long until Stephen realized he could not work in an office for the rest of his life. So he left his work, purchased a piano, and has been successfully writing and performing music for the world. In March, when COVID began, he offered these words and this song to help the world manage these most difficult realities:

"COVID-19 has got the world on lockdown, quarantined.

Coronavirus seems to have affected us all. In these moments, I turn to music.

To the simple, timeless power of song...I dedicate this song to the world."


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