Thursday Brief

October 4

Last Brief of September 2018!!!


  • Lesson Plans-I have gone to look at lesson plans and some of you haven't even put ONE lesson on the drive, many others are missing this week and it's already Thursday. Please do this weekly as we go into classrooms I look at lessons and look up TEKS being covered. Make sure your lessons are in your folder, on google drive and that you have the actual TEK listed.
  • Students for Structured Tutorials-If you have students you want to recommend for structured tutorials, please email me their name and subject area. These students need to be at grade level or almost at grade level. The intervention they will receive is grade level intervention. For 4th grade students, they need to have either failed STAAR (by a couple) or barely passed. Thanks! I would like to start these the week of October 15th so please send names ASAP so I can get out permission slips.)
  • TLC Sign Ups! Its already time again!!!! Please sign up as soon as it's your turn. Also, Jeanine will be assigning some students that are testing online a TLC. Please look for an email from her regarding this. Thanks. Sign up link attached below.
  • REMINDER: TTESS GOAL and PD Plan-The first section of your TTESS, including your goal, is due on DMAC by October 8th. If you did it already, I've checked it and signed off, so you need to log back in and sign off.
  • REMINDER: Observations-Please turn in your observation dates and times to me ASAP. Thanks to those that already have.

  • REMINDER STAFF Meeting-Put October 23rd on your calendar! STAFF Meeting :). RTI!

  • Substitute Feedback-All sub feedback should go on the AESOP system unless you don't want the substitute to see it. If that is the case, email your sub feedback to Kim Howard, substitute services administrator.

  • Teachers, please come by Mrs. V’s office and pick up your Anchored 4 Life Crew Member lanyards. Each teacher needs two for their home room representatives. They are only to be worn when the class representative is showing a new student around. They are not to go home with the student.

From Mrs. Cristan

Reminder to have doors closed during instruction, especially when no one is in the classroom.

When sending a student to the nurse, library, office, etc… please give the student a pass to communicate that they had your permission to be at the those locations.

Transportation cards need to be given to all students at dismissal, especially car pick-ups.

  • In case a parent calls inquiring about their child’s dismissal, this helps us verify how the student got/went home.
  • If you have a student that lost his/her car pick-up card, please stop by the office and collect another one. They are located behind Mrs. Pena’s desk.

PLEASE PAY YOUR SOCIAL DUES if you have not already

$10 Paraprofessionals

$20 Teachers/Professional Staff

These funds go directly in our faculty fund for baby showers, funerals, etc. Thank you.

Also, please pay for t-shirts as well if you have not yet.


I will be sending an email with an instructional video with directions. Please watch out for it tomorrow.


o 1. is in prekindergarten, kindergarten or grade 1, 2, or 3 and did not perform satisfactorily on a readiness test or assessment instrument administered during the current school year; (NOT ON GRADE LEVEL FOR F&P-APPLIES TO 3RD GRADE ONLY) ADD THESE STUDENTS TO YOUR LIST TO ME.

o 3. was not advanced from one grade level to the next for one or more school years;TEACHER (Note: From 2010-2011 forward, TEC 29.081 (d-1) excludes from this criteria prekindergarten or kindergarten students who were not advanced to the next grade level as a result of a documented request by the student’s parent.) RETAINED STUDENT AT ANY POINT (exception parent request as a kindergartner) ADD THESE STUDENTS TO YOUR LIST TO ME.

o 4. did not perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument (STAAR) TEACHER administered to the student under TEC Subchapter B, Chapter 39, and who has not in the previous or current school year subsequently performed on that instrument or another appropriate instrument at a level equal to at least 110 percent of the level of satisfactory performance on that instrument; FAILED STAAR-THIS APPLIES MOSTLY TO 4TH GRADERS, BUT ALSO TO SOME 3RD GRADE RETAINEES.

o 10. is a student of limited English proficiency,CURRICULUM as defined by TEC §29.052; HOOVER WILL DO THIS.

o 11. is in the custody or care of the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services or has, during the current school year, been referred to the department by a school official, officer of the juvenile court, or law enforcement official COUNSELOR; VILLARREAL WILL DO THIS.

o 12. is homeless COUNSELOR, as defined NCLB, Title X, Part C, Section 725(2), the term “homeless children and youths”, and its subsequent amendments; or PENA/VILLARREAL WILL DO THIS.

o 13. resided in the preceding school year or resides in the current school year in a residential placement facility COUNSELOR in the district, including a detention facility, substance abuse treatment facility, emergency shelter, psychiatric hospital, halfway house, or foster group home. PENA/VILLARREAL WILL DO THIS

Elementary Float Cancelled

I have to go to a training and there hasn't been much interest so we will NOT have a float this year. But please go out and support our Jazzy Bees!

Unpacking the TTESS Rubric Course

At the TTESS Refresher Training, I told you all I'd get you access to this additional Professional Development. It is not mandatory, but great instruction if you'd like to learn about your TTESS Rubric more. I did a few of them (there are 16! one for each dimension) and I thought it was great instruction on learning more about the rubrics.

If you did the TTESS Refresher already and have a log on. All you have to do is input this registration code. ttpmilkyway61

If you don't then do this first to complete the registration process.

Step 1: Click this link to complete the registration process:

Step 2: Use this registration code and complete the registration process.

Please be sure to enter your registration code EXACTLY as it appears. If copy and pasting, do not add a space before or after the registration code.

A few minutes after completing your registration, you will receive an email with your username and password.


Please click here for more information.


Tutoring needs to start the week of October 8th. (The beginning of 2nd six weeks.) ALL teachers need to complete this form.




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This Week's Calendar

October 4-11

4 First Six Weeks Benchmark Math

5 First Six Weeks Benchmark Math



8-12 Fire Prevention Week

8 Funtrackers Good Choice

8 TLC Spreadsheet Due

9 3rd Grade Running Club Try outs

9 Good Choice-Funtrackers

9 Book Study Online

10 Good Choice-Funtrackers

11 Fall Pictures

11 4th Grade Running Club Tryouts

12 3rd Grade Fire Prevention Program

Hispanic Heritage Month Sept.15-October 15

Happy Birthday OCTOBER Babies!

Oct 1 Veronica Villarreal

Oct 1 Lisa Nelson

Oct 3 Michelle Navarrete

Oct 6 Kristi Falany

Oct 7 Jennifer Ainsworth

Oct 21 Melanie Provence

Oct 21 Nancy Quesada