Time Travel for a Bank Robber

By Jacob Guenther

An Entrance to the Story

This is a story that can relate to every one. It is about a bank robber who is transported back into the dinosaur era and must escape before the era comes to an end. No, no one has experienced this? Well, if you haven't then you will get a kick out of the story because it will keep you thinking all the way though.


John is a professional bank robber that is accidentally taken back into time by the same devise that he was stealing. When he awakes, he finds that he is in the dinosaur era and must get back to modern time. John must find some way to go into time so he can get home before the dinosaurs' fate becomes his own.

Jacob Guenther

I am a junior in high school and enjoy writing, acting, singing and imagining new things for future use. I always strive for new things and am not afraid to leave my comfy zone. When I get older, I hope to enter a carrer that involves movie making and wearing a suit and tie all day.