Dam Hoover

Why Hoover is Failing as President

A Promise that is Impossible to Keep

You go the doctor and he tells you that you have an infection. There is medicine available to treat it, but you get told to just stick it out until if gets better. Of course that would be an awful doctor and you will not get better. You can directly apply this to Hoover and his policies saying that as Americans, we should just stay positive and hope that it all gets back to normal. As you can see with this analogy, that will never happen. You want a doctor that is not scared of change but still be cautious with the delicate nature of the problem. The government needs to help us as you can see with our rights in the Constitution with security of home, food, and health.

What we need to do

Hoover's policies have obviously failed in directly helping those in need. We need to form ideas on how to help the lower classes and give them the tools to get to a livable and clean life. Because if these people have nothing, they can't get out of their problems even if they tried their best. Trying individually is not good enough anymore.