My Smore Flyer

Third Trimester ( Months 7-9)

Finally you have done it!! A few more months and all the abdominal aching, fatigue, stretch marks, backaches, leaky breast, and lack of bladder, will all be over. your child will weigh about 7 1/2 on average, and your child will be finally developing the finishing touches;fingernails, toenails, and hair. also your child's brain will be developed with neurons and their skin will be so smooth.

congratulations! get ready because your baby will be here in no time!


Alright listen up! your girl is in the middle of a crazy life. But crazy is not always bad, remember keep calm and remind her that everything will be okay. Always give her whatever she wants, i know it sounds crazy but it will help you from getting your head cut off. Her hormones are everywhere and at the end of the day it is your job to make sure your lady maintains a healthy diet, overall body is healthy, and she is happy. Stress free is very important.

Also by the end of second trimester your child can hear you. make sure you try and bond with your child, talk to them in the womb. When your child is born, He/She will already know your voice and that you are dad. Also dont forget the car seat, baby clothes, and dipper bag, its a routine you will have to remember from hear on out.

Congratulations!! your life is finally changed, but for the better. your a father, good luck!