The LaFever Letter

August 31 - September 4

A Letter to Parents

I am so proud of every student doing their best this week! I was especially impressed by how much effort students put into taking NWEA. Thank you, also, for helping your child with his/her homework. I know it really means a lot to them when you read our weekly story together! Every day, your child's sight word and math fact flashcards will come home for daily practice. As they become experts at their individualized flashcards, they will receive new flashcards to study. All children should be reading at least 20-30 minutes every night! It is proven to improve reading ability and comprehension, which is vital during second grade. Your support and encouragement means so much to your child!

Parents, you are doing a great job! Keep it up!

-Marie LaFever

A Letter to Students

You all did so great this week, especially during NWEA! I am so impressed by how well you all did your person best and how quietly you worked once you were done. This week, we are going to learn about what Labor Day and Patriot Day are about and why they are so important to our country! Make sure you're reading 20 minutes every night and getting lots of exercise! :)

-Miss LaFever

Reminder: Wednesday, Sept. 9th is an Early Release Day!

Show Choir Registration Forms

If your child is interested in show choir, the Show Choir Clinic is a great way for your child to explore his/her talents! Click the red button above for more information and permission forms.

Cougar Challenge Fundraiser

You will receive this week's Cougar Challenge in your child's take-home folder tomorrow. We will have a new Cougar Challenge each week! Last year, only mailing donations were allowed, but this year, we have the luxury of also having online donations! Support our grand school through the Cougar Challenge!

This Past Week in Class


We read Diary of a Spider as we learned what cause and effect is and how it applies to the story. As we sharpened our skill of identifying causes and effects in Diary of a Spider, we applied our new skill to other books as well!


Many students are wrapping up the final draft of their first book! Students loved being able to have freedom with choosing their type of writing, style of writing, illustrations, and text/picture placement in their book.


We finished our first math unit and completed a math review over Unit 1. We finished off the week with reviewing all of our Unit 1 skills and beginning Unit 2. Students learned about math stories and how they translate into math sentences. Then, students loved creating their own math stories and solving their peer's math stories!


We began learning about the different parts that make up a community as well as what parts make up our own community. Then, we looked at other kids' communities and described how the communities are different.

Reminder: Be sure that you are checking your child's clip chart each night and signing it over the weekend.

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Wellness (bring/wear fitness shoes)

Tuesday: Computer Lab

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Wellness (bring/wear fitness shoes)

Thursday is Library Day! Send all library books to school by Thursday.

Cougar Crew Winner for Common Sense: Drew

This week, Hinkle Creek focused again on the life skill of common sense. We practiced common sense through choosing the right choice with Kelso's Choices!

Drew used his common sense by helping other students solve problems around the classroom. Congratulations, Drew!

Cougar Crew Life Skill for next week: Responsibility

Our 'Driver of the Week' was Hayden!

When Hayden grows up, she wants to be a superhero! At home, she likes to play Minecraft. Her favorite thing about school is playing at recess. She admires her mom, because she loves her mom's cooking. A few interesting facts about Hayden are that she loves to talk to others about Minecraft, to eat pickles, and to create arts and crafts!

Let's have another great week!