History Of The Periodic Table

BY Jack Marsh

How it started

The periodic table was the discovery of the individual elements. Although elements such as gold, silver, tin, copper, lead and mercury, the first scientific discovery of an element occurred in 1649 when Hennig Brand discovered phosphorous.

about th Periodic Table

A periodic table is an ordering of the chemical elements it is ordering the types of chemical and physical properties inside and element. The periodic Table is ordered in gases, metals and non-metals. the periodic table has periods and groups, periods and groups are the way sciencetists order the elements.

Here are some examples of elements

There is so many interesting facts about the Periodic Table

Periodic Table

The periodic Table is a number of elements in a persific order ranging from non-metals to metals and then to gases. All of the elements have a number to represent the number of protons, they also have an atomic weight/mass, atomic number. All of these elements have only few atoms different to each other.