Zayn Malik

Former Member Of One Direction.

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Early Life

Zayn was born in the West Lane, Baildon Bradford England with his father Yaser Malik and mom Patricia. Zayn has one older sister, Doniya and two younger sisters Waliyha and Safaa. Zayn auditioned in 2010 for the X Factor as a solo artist, he was 17 years old. During boot camp Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn were eliminated but Simon wanted to keep them so, he put them in a group and One Direction was formed. They came in third place on the show.

One Direction Tours & Albums

In 2011 One Direction released their first album "Up All Night" and their first tour. They released a second album later of 2012 called "Take Me Home" along with a tour in 2013 and a movie called "This Is Us". In 2014 they released a third album called "Midnight Memories" and did another tour. Also later in that year they came out with their fourth album "Four". Beginning of 2015 they had their last tour "On The Road Again" which Zayn wasn't apart of because he left the band.
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Awards & Charities

One Direction have won 21 awards. They won 2 Aria Awards, 1 Bambi Award, 2 Brit Awards, 8 Teen Choice Awards, 4 VMA'S, 3 People Choice Awards and 1 Young Hollywood Award. Also they have done 8 different types of charity work. The one they are most known for is Comic Relief. Zayn has done charity through art because he can draw. He decorated a sculpture that went to raise money for a Children's Hospital.

Random Facts

Full Name: Zain Javadd Malik Born: January 12th 1993 Fear: Heights

Zayn is Muslim He can't swim He can draw Has 45 tattoos He is 5'9 He's 23

Has a girlfriend name Gigi Zayn dyed his hair blonde

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Why He Quit

In March of 2015 Zayn decided to leave the band. In February One Direction started their 4th tour "On The Road Again" that lasted till October, but Zayn quit in March so he wasn't part of it anymore. He left because he said he wanted time with his family and to be out of the spotlight for a while. Then November 2015 One Direction released their 5th album and Zayn wasn't on that either.

His Future Career

In July Zayn posted on Twitter that he signed a record deal with RCA. He decided to become a solo artist. His new music is supposed to be more R & B than pop like One Direction. Zayn might be having a album released this year. Lately his been working with other artists for the album.