Welcome to my smore!

Ryleigh Spruth

Earthquake PBL

Our project was about building a disaster free house. Once you were done you had to test it on a shake table for 10 seconds. If it lasts, then you passed!

Our design for Tony Stark was an original house, it had four walls, and Pyramid roof .

I learned that it is way harder to build the house is only so many materials. If we had more clay, then we would've been able to stick the house morning either. If we had more would it would've made our house look more like a house.

30 hands project

What i learned from this project was that mechanical and chemical weathering are very different and there are a lot of aspects to them.

What I enjoyed most about this project was doing the pic collage because I like doing things like that.

Invention convention

Some environmental problems that we are solving is energy use at night, because people waste a lot of energy when they don't need to. People have lights on at night because there is no light from outside, and that way so a lot of energy because you may not even be in that room. This helps becaause it uses less energy and electricity.