Parent Teacher Conferences

How to Prepare & Questions to Ask

Conference Schedule

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. This conference is an opportunity to learn how your child is progressing. It is also an opportunity for you share insight with the teacher. If you are unsure of your conference time, or if your schedule has changed since you confirmed your time, please contact your child's teacher.
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Students will be dismissed at 11:30AM (Montrose) or 11:50AM (Marshall) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, December 4, 5 and 6. Please be available for pickup or at the bus stop to meet your child each day.

No lunch is served on half days. Be sure to send a snack.

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Preparing for Your Conference

Be on time.

Plan ahead: E-mail any concerns to the teacher in advance if you would like. This helps to ensure a thorough, thoughtful response.

Create a list: Make a written list of your main questions and concerns. If you run out of time, ask that any unaddressed items or concerns be responded to by e-mail or in a follow up meeting.

Prioritize: Because time is limited, try to prioritize what is on top of your list to address with the teacher. Also, take notes during the meeting.

Know the plan: Make sure you leave the meeting knowing the next steps that you and the teacher will take to help your child succeed.

Respect time and schedule: If you run out of conference time, reach out to schedule a follow-up meeting to address concerns that still need to be discussed.

Questions You May Want to Ask During Your Conference


Is my child engaging with peers?
Is my child reacting appropriately to various situations (happy, sad, frustrated, empathetic, etc.)?


How does my child respond to classroom rules and routines?


Does my child engage in play? What is their favorite play activity?
What does my child enjoy most in the classroom?


How is my child progressing cognitively (learning)?


How are my child’s self-help and independence skills? (washing hands, eating and cleaning up lunch, etc.)?


Do you have any advice for [potty training, positive behavior guidance, etc.]?


In what areas does data show my child needs support?