5th Grade Newsletter

October 19-October 23

Thank you for all of your support with your children and their remote learning. We really appreciate it. We are busy in fifth grade continuing to move along in our curriculum.

In reading this week we will completing our Newspaper articles for Becoming Naomi Leon. The students have started, and are already enjoying coming up with names for their newspapers and discussing the articles they are going to write. This is the assessment that we are using for our novel. Students need to make sure and complete this by the end of the week.

In fifth grade math, students are continuing to work on double digit multiplication. We will look at word problems this week where students will use the standard algorithm to solve the problems. We take daily exit slip quizzes to see students progress.

In accelerated math, they are continuing to work on dividing fractions. They will be having their unit quiz on dividing fractions on Thursday.

In spelling, we will be looking at Greek and Latin roots. For this test we are really looking at if the students can identify the meaning of the words based on the root.

In writing we are wrapping up our memoirs. Their memoirs are turning out great, and we can't wait to read their final copies. We are also hoping to also get in a fun, Halloween themed writing activity by the end of the week or during the following week.

We are talking a break from social studies and starting science for the next few weeks. We will be starting with a look at a Biodome. Students will be designing their own Biodomes. Check in with your child, and see how it is going.