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Have you heard about “Inner Healing” or “Healing Prayer” and wondered what it is? Simply put, seeking spiritual, emotional and/or physical healing through the work of the Holy Spirit. Do you want to learn more? The Sacramento Region is blessed with several wonderful inner healing ministries and training options! For this issue we are highlighting a few of the upcoming training options available. Please do let us know if you are aware of other options in our area!

· Genesis Process Seminar “Creating an Environment for Change and Healing” hosted by LAST Ministry August 17-18, 2018, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (registration begins 8 am)

With a focus on healing individuals from addictions, the “Genesis Process… helps folks who may have lost hope not only find it again through real change and healing, but also helps them to experience the Grace of God.” See seminar flier (link ---

For more information on the Genesis Process visit

Register online at

Questions? Email or call Nesha Schinhofen at or (209) 497-9170

· Elijah House Prophetic Prayer Ministry Training Course 201

Beginning September 4, 2018, Tuesday Evening 7-9 PM

Elijah House is a type of Biblical counseling that is pastoral in nature. The 201 training lays the foundations for healing and transformation, both for the students themselves, and for equipping the saints for inner healing and the work of binding up the broken hearted (Isaiah 61:1). During this course foundational principles and tools are taught for dealing with personal and interpersonal issues, through the work and power of the Holy Spirit. For further course description, please visit

If you are interested, please contact Judy Trent-Whitnack at

· Sacramento Christian Healing Prayer - New Offering of Training Classes

Beginning Mid-January 2019, Monday Evenings 7-9 PM

Sacramento Christian Healing Prayer ministry is dedicated to praying for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and deliverance. We have been serving the greater Sacramento region for the past 7 years with 16 churches participating.

If you would like in-depth training and have a strong interest in becoming a healing prayer minister, our next Healing Prayer training class begins mid-January 2019, on Monday nights from 7-9 PM. The curriculum is based on teaching materials and DVD’s from Christian Healing Ministies (Jacksonville Florida), Charles Kraft, Elijah House, Hearts Set Free, plus outside speakers.

For more information: Call 916-947-7730 or email:

A Call to Prayer

Let us not grow weary as we use our position of authority in the Capital of California, to intercede regarding the actions in the State of California Legislature. Your continued prayers are appreciated for the 4 Assembly Bills (282, 1779, 2119 and 2943) and SB 320, which have the following status:

· AB282 is in assembly. Concurrence in Senate amendments pending. 50% progression.

· AB1779 is pending: Assembly Business and Professions Committee. 25% progression.

· AB2199 is pending: Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. 50% progression.

· AB 2943 has been ordered to third reading. 50% progression.

· SB 320 is pending: Assembly Appropriations Committee. Placed on suspense file. 50% progression

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