Numbering the Stars

By: Lois Lowry

Summary of the book

In the book "Numberng The Stars" there are many historical events. An example is when Annemarie and her family hep out Ellen's family which is and historical event because friends of Jews helped the Jews out ALL the time to avoid being sent to concentration camps or even worse..... DEATH. (

Annemarie and Ellen

In "Numbering The Stars" Annemarie and Ellen Are the main characters. Annemarie loves to run, shes tall, has silvery blonde hair, and is an older sister to Kirsti. Ellen, Dark Haired, short, non athletic, shy.

My opinion of the book

Personally i love the book because it has alot of suspense and teaches a very good lesson about the past. I would recommend the book because it is very helpful to learn about the Nazi's.

Date and Place

The main setting is in Copenhagen, Denmark during 1943

Annemarie has to face many problems

Annemarie has to face many problems but the main was that she had to stand up to the guards to protect her family and friends and NOT tell anyone that she was hiding the Rosen's. She fixed them by pretending to be her little sister and trusting her family.