EN- Egyptian News

By: Riley Haligman

Its All About the Pharaohs

Over time in the fabulous country of Egypt there has been many Pharaohs that ruled this country. Some were adored by the people and did wonders for their kingdom. But others were hated and disrespected. Lets take a look on some of the most known Pharaohs.

With Us? Or Against Us?

Egypt was pretty powerful most of the time but there was some time when the kingdom was in despair. There were other people who wanted to control Egypt because of all its wealth and mystery. A group of people called the Hyksos who conquered Egypt and had complete control over it for a long time. But then the youngest prince of Egypt (fem the original royal family) finally defeated the Hyksos and took back the thrown as the first pharaoh.


The Egyptians worshiped many, many gods for thousands of years. Each god played a different role in life. The pharaohs were considered part god until they died and in the afterlife they would become full god.
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Mummies and the Afterlife

Ancient Egyptian were obsessed with life. They new their life on earth was limited so they prepared to have a better afterlife. if you could afford it, after you died your body would be mummified. They did this to preserve the body because they believed that your soul could only live on in the afterlife if your body was around to host the soul. After you were dead they be believed that you would go to the "Hall of Judgment" where you would be questioned by the gods and your heart would be weighed against the "Feather of Truth." If your heart was lighter then the feather then that meant that you were a good person and you could move on it the afterlife. But if it was heaver then the feather that meant you were a bad person and your soul would be eaten by the demon Ammit.


The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Egyptians created some amazing architecture like the pyramids. They were not built by slaves, they were built by payed laborers. They built them for three pharaohs; Kufu, Khafra, and Menkaure. There are also three small pyramids in fort of the larger ones built for the queens. They were so massive that they took years to complete. The pyramids have been around for thousands of years and they are still in great shape! Today you are allowed to go into the pyramids.
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Ancient fashion

Ancient people used to wear light cloths made out of linen. The linen was grown around the Nile. All men wore a wrap- around skirt that was tied around their waste with a belt. But as time went on it became popular to wear pleated garment. If you were rich, you could afford to have the best- quality linen that looked a lost see- through and many pieces of jewelry. Woman would wear long dresses with one or two straps with jewelry and headdresses.


In Egypt, you were considered lucky if you lived to be one years old because most babies died very soon after birth because of infections or disease. A lot of babies wore protective amulets around their necks. Mothers would carry their babies on their hips or in slings. Mothers nursed their children until they were about three years old. The family always rejoiced when the baby was a boy. Not as much for a girl.
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The Egyptians were very wealthy. They had gold mines all around the country. They even put gold on top of their pyramids. Pharaohs also had gold tombs and most people wore a lot of very expensive jewelry.


Since the kingdoms of Egypt were so complex there were many different jobs available. Some of the jobs were being a priest, craftsman, scribe, farmer, pharaoh, soldiers, and more.


The people in Egypt had clay ovens to cook food like bread which they ate a lot. but they also ate fruits, vegetables, goat, lamb and fish. Their main drink was beer made from barley.
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