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The Cold Truth

About Jessica Jerome

BIRTH DATE- February 8th, 1987
BIRTHPLACE- Jacksonville, FL
SCHOOL- Westminster College,
Salt Lake City
LONGEST JUMP- 138m, Lillehammer, NOR

Jessica started ski jumping when only in the second grade. She is ten time National Champion. In 2002, she became the first and only woman to score points in a men's international Continental Cup, at the age of 14. Be sure to click on the US Women's Ski Jumping or Career highlights below for more information.

(photo is from the Us womens skiing website)

The first jump

The first jump of the Olympic trials.
Jessica Jerome - Jump 1 - 2014 Olympic Team Trials for Ski Jumping - U.S. Ski Team

The Jump that Counts

The jump that would make or break her Olympic career. How close she was to not going to Sochi. Watch to find out if she makes it to the Olympics.
Jessica Jerome - Jump 2 - 2014 Olympic Team Trials for Ski Jumping - U.S. Ski Team

Why does she ski jump?

“People ask me what it’s like to ski jump. I almost can’t describe it. There’s no other feeling in the world.”- Jessica Jerome

Drinking for Charity!! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

My first impression of this was that she just loved to drink, but then with the help of my teacher, we searched deeper into #KCCO. It’s an alcoholic Beverage, but it can be called a good beverage. TheCHIVE is a organization that help raise money for people who have diseases, not just on, but almost every disease. So by Jessica drinking and wearing the shirt that says “Keep Calm and Chive On” is promoting and So Help cure many diseases by donating to (photo below from her twitter page)

Top Ten

Jessica Jerome placed 10th in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Its not her best finish, but it's only the first Olympic appearance for women's ski jumping. This being said there was a lot of tension and pressure for the women to preform to keep the sport in the Olympics. She was also the only woman from the US team that placed in the top ten. Click on the Button "results" for the top ten.

Rise up to the challenge!

A little video about the journey of getting Women Ski Jumping to the Olympics.
RISE: Jessica Jerome, a film by Liberty Mutual

How she does it

Jessica Jerome gives us a little insider on how she jumps at speeds of over 50 mph, and fly's the lengths of a football field. Its all about repetition.
Olympics 2014 | On Ski Jumping: Jessica Jerome | The New York Times

Whats Rule 40 you ask?

The basic description of Rule 40 is sponsors can't advertise during the Olympics. Click Rule 40 to view all the details of Rule 40.

How it works!

In ski jumping a person gets two jumps, both recorded on video. The original height of the hill in 1964, was 70 meters (230 feet), but in 1992 it was moved to 90 meters, or 295 feet. There are five judges, they can give you a score between zero and twenty. The highest and lowest scores of all five are dropped. With that a perfect score is a 60.


A little bit of science behind ski jumping. This informs you about why they make the movements they do and why the jumpers use the forms that they use.
Amazing Science - Winter Olympics: Ski Jumping

Look at some of the best in the sport from the US

The video below, shows the US men's Olympic Trials.
Nicholas Fairall Takes The Podium | 2014 U.S. Olympic Trials Ski Jumping

This isn't dangerous at all

Does it look easy? No, not at all, this is a very dangerous sport. The video below shows just one of the hundreds of extremely sevre crashes. A crash can give a jumper bruises or can give the broken bones. it all depends on how bad they wreck. In the video below the jumper had a head and rib injury. This shows that the littles screw up could end a jumpers entire season.
Thomas Morgenstern Crash 2014 | Mitterndorf Kulm 10/01/2014 | HD VIDEO