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IELC 68D Class Newsletter, November 2015 - Issue #1


Thank-you for taking the time to read our class newsletter. We are very excited to be able to share all the amazing things we have done so far this year. The articles in this newsletter are all written and edited by us - the students of 68D. We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter as much as we enjoyed creating it.

As a side note, we are currently collecting, gathering, procuring, and begging for items for our Makerspace. Items needed are: lego, building blocks, large pieces of cardboard (from appliances, electronics, etc) for the cardboard boat race, second-hand computers/laptops, props/costumes (for plays and drama), duct tape, and other odds and ends you may have around the house. If you wish to donate any items, please contact us ahead of sending them. Thanks so much in advance!


Students of 68D, Mrs. Aiello & Mr. Windover

Editors this issue: Cynthia and Javeria

Gettin' Our Groove On!

On Thursday October 15, we started learning a dance choreography with two groups of grade elevens and twelves from Rick Hanson Secondary School. They each taught us a different type of dance. They came four times between October 15 and October 26. The first two times, the first group taught us hip hop. We danced to the song “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber. The students taught us well and in the end, we danced by ourselves. The last two times the Rick Hanson students came, the second group taught us a step choreography with the song “I Can Transform Ya” by Chris Brown. I had asked the 68D students (our class) which choreography was easier/better and the results surprised me quite a bit. The votes were split half-half. Half liked the first choreography, half liked the second. Having the Rick Hanson students teaching us dance was a good experience overall.

Written by: Linda

World Education Games Highlights

During the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, a unique pair of classes were doing projects and work, but they did not mind, because they knew what was going to come up. From October 13 to October 15, something fun happened. It was the World Education Games!

The World Education Games, also known the WEG, had begun its 2015 season. It is a educational program that happens globally every 2 years, for every grade. There 3 subjects, which are math, literacy, and science. For each subject, there is a website which students can go and compete in live competitions. There were very heated battles, and students worked hard to get highscores. Amazingly, Maks, a student from 68D, managed to get the 11th place in science worldwide, while also gaining 15th place in Literacy. Even though it was a challenging competition students still had fun.

Many students in 68C and 68D were happy to challenge each other.

In conclusion, the WEG was fun and educational global program to challenge other students. In 2017, the WEG will definitely be better and more welcoming!

Written by: Alex and Jacob

Halloween Party and Pumpkin Pie

On Friday Oct.30, 2015, our classes 68D and 68C, hosted a halloween party in our classroom. Not a lot of people were dressed up though the people that were, were either dressed up as surgeons or doctors. There was a lot of food to eat including: Rockets, Doritos, chips, gum, cookies, lollipops, candy apple, soda, Jolly Ranchers, popcorn, and pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pies was made by the grade 7s on Thursday Oct.29, 2015. They were made because in science, the grade 7s were learning about pure substances and mechanical mixtures. There were three pies in total: one vegetarian pie (without eggs), and two normal pumpkin pies. We also watched “Back to the Future 2”. “Back to the future 2” is a movie about travelling through time and the damages it can do. The party lasted for three periods (2 hours). We are going to be completing a movie analysis of the films.

Written by: Maddhava

Halloween Joke

Question: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Answer: Pumpkin Pi

Think Bowl

After 3 years in Fallingbrook, our first group of students ever in the gifted program are soon to leave the school for high school. There must be a high school that has the gifted program, and that's Glenforest. They recently should us a presentation about the opportunities in their program and wanted to give us a feel of what they do. On November 2nd, the Glenforest team composed of students and teachers gave us a live activity to perform in school. They created this activity in order to see how they work at school. This activity was performed in our school library. The first 30 minutes we played mini games to get our brains working and get us more energetic. The next 1 hour and 30 mins was for a question answer and response.

There were 6 different games. One of the games was called Gravity Break where you would try to keep 3 balloons in the air for the longest. Another game was called Cup Stack where you had to get most of the red cups with were on top of the blue cup under the blue cup one by one. The most popular game was the Memory Game. There were 3 different colored chocolates hidden under cups randomly and you had to organize those colors into 3 other cups. The one with the most organized chocolates would win. These were just examples of the fun games we played.

After those games, we were asked a question that we would have to answer on 1 hour. The question was, “How can you become the youngest billionaire without illegal acts?". Our classes, 68C and 68D were divided into 10 equal groups. All groups thought creatively and realistically. We were given blank big paper for our presentation and draft paper for ideas. We needed to use every minute for it was a very broad question but yet, hard. In the end we shared our ideas in a 2 minute presentation each. All groups had compelling ideas and very great. This helped us get a better feel of the future questions we may receive from them.

Written by: Vaibhav & Michael

Caribou Math

Our class participated in the Caribou math contest on October 16, 2015. The contest took place in our school library, where we each took a computer and did the test online. The internet was very slow and it took a long time to login to the participants’ accounts. The main reason was because people all over the world were trying to login at the same time as us causing server traffic (lag). The questions were about algebra, probability, area, volume, word problems and some mind teasers. Every question was given a point value, and the harder the question was, the more rewarding it was. Each correct question rewarded around 3-5 points. Here are some of the question that were in the contest.

Question 3 (worth 3 points)

You toss 4 fair coins. What are the chances of getting no heads?

Question 13 (worth 4 points)

A hydraulic pump pumps oil from a filled cylinder with radius 3 cm and length 9 cm into a second empty cylinder with radius 9 cm and same length. If all of the oil from the first cylinder is poured, what is the filling height of the second cylinder?

Question 22 (worth 5 points)

How many whole numbers can the variable A take so that 2 + 3A has a value between 40 and 160?

Later on we asked the participants on how the felt about this competition. The majority of students said, “It was ok”. Some felt it was boring, while others believed it was fun.

Written by: Will and Roy

First Lego League

This year at Fallingbrook Middle School we have 9 teams participating in the 2015 FLL World Class Lego Robotics Tournament. For those who do not know the FLL is broken down into two components. The presentation and the robotics tournament. This year’s presentation is about recycling trash. The regional qualifying tournament will take place at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Oakville, on December, 5th 2015. Out of the 9 teams participating at the school, only 4 are able to attend the tournament. To solve this problem we are having our own tournament in the school on November, 27 2015. During this tournament, we will have judges who will judge each team on their presentation component. We will then have four successful teams who will participate in the regional qualifying tournament.

The Trash Trek theme involves coming up with an idea or a solution for an environment issue or problems relating to waste not including waste generated by living things living. In the tournament teams will be building pre-programmed machines to complete various tasks. The winners of the tournament are decided through a series of battles where the winner of the battles is judged based off the completed tasks and how many point each task is worth. After the whole tournament is over the winning teams are decided by how many points they have in total.

Students at Fallingbrook have worked really hard on their presentations and hope that they can attend the tournament. Almost all the teams have completed their presentation and are now going to be designing and programming their robots. The teams have set-up tables for the robot to run on and do missions. A mat is put on top of table which has the Lego missions on it. Students will use this to test their robots and further program it. The FLL tournament is a great opportunity for students to learn to program. It also gets students to cooperate and work together as a team.

Written by: Saad and Cailan