Cyber Bullying.

By: Alexis Guinan. Date: 10/29/13.

Cyber bullying by media.

  • most cyber bullying occurs on social networks; such as, TUMBLR, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • Many adolescence call this "hate mail" or just "hate".
  • (ex: "i hate you!","you don't belong in this world","go die".)
  • In many cases, when a teenager recieves "hate", they just blow it off, but in some other cases, Teenagers let it effect there lives in many ways.
  • Sometimes it even causes Suicide.
  • A lot of people choose to cyber bully Anonymously.
  • In some cases, a group of people will get together and "cyber mob" a person. (meaning to gang up on someone with threats and mean words)

cyber bullying by peers.

  • Apart of Total strangers sending hate, you can also get hate from you're peers. Many teenagers get jealous of one another so they will send mean messages on social media to the person that they don't like, In some cases, its your closest friend sending them.
  • In one case, a mother used Myspace to bully her daughters 13 year old classmate, under the name of "Josh". She bullied her so bad that the little girl commited suicide.
  • It is fact that more LGBT kids are bullied and are more likely to commit suicide.
  • More girls than boys are either cyberbullied or cyberbullies.


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