Synchronous Contact Tips

a.k.a. How to score as high as possible on your SPOT check

What counts as synchronous contact?

A back and forth conversation within a 24 hour period
  • Talking on the phone directly with a student/stakeholder
  • Having a BBIM conversation with a student/stakeholder
  • Texting back/forth (2-way text) within 24 hour period with a student/stakeholder
  • Making 2 attempts (text, BBIM, phone, Moodle Message) for synch with no response

If you have TWO asynchronous attempts, that counts as a synchronous attempt

  1. You text a student and do not hear back (1 way text) = 1 asynch; You call and leave a message on student's phone = 1 asynch...together these count as 1 synch
  2. You text a student twice within a week and he/she does not respond either time = 2 asynch...together these count as 1 synch
  3. You Moodle message a student and he/she responds - each one message exchange counts as 1 asynch...together these count as 1 synch

What does NOT count as synch contact?

  • You emailing a student and them emailing back within 24 hours. This does not count as synchronous UNLESS extenuating circumstances where students don't have a phone and can't download BBIM, which should be noted at the top of the student's tab in the communication journal
  • You texting a student and they don't respond within 24 hours (this is asynch and can count towards your asynch contacts)

How can I get a level 4 on a spot check?

Have 2 synchronous exchanges with students. Examples:
  • 2-way text + phone conversation
  • BBIM conversation + phone conversation
Have 1 synchronous exchange and 2 asynchronous attempts. Examples:
  • 2-way text + 1-way text + email 1 way
  • phone conversation + Moodle message 1-way + email 1-way
Have 4 asynchronous attempts. Examples:
  • Two 1-ways texts + phone voicemail that is not returned + Moodle message 1-way
  • 1-way text + phone voicemail + email 1-way + Moodle message 1-way
NOTE: There are more ways to obtain each of the above; these are just a few examples.