The Bailey Bunch Kindergarten News

Ms. Bailey & Mrs. Shumpert's Class: Week of Nov. 16-20th

Dear Families,
Last week we learned so much about Veteran's Day. We learned how Veterans fought for our safety and freedom. We learned about different branches of the military, and even met a few soldiers. Sage's grandfather and great-grandfather came to our celebration. It was an honor to meet them and learn about how they served our country. We had lots of fun and learned many important things as we celebrated this special day. Check our our pictures below.
Thanksgiving Feast Information:
This Thursday, Nov. 19th we would love for you to join us for lunch at 11:40 in the cafeteria, as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families.
On Friday, Nov. 20th we will have a Kindergarten Feast as we eat "family style" with only our kindergarten school friends.
***Due to necessary food preparation, we are unable to invite parents to attend this meal. However, we hope you will join us on Thursday for lots of food, friendship, and thankful hearts.

We are truly thankful for you and your child. Thank you for all you do for us.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Ms. Bailey and Mrs. Shumpert

Dates, Reminders, and Information

  • Nov. 19th K, 2nd, and 3rd Thanksgiving Lunch in cafeteria
  • Nov. 20th 1st, 4th, 5th Thanksgiving Lunch in cafeteria and Make up Picture Day

Please see the link below to find out about a program offered by SunnyD to help us get books for our classroom. If we collect 20 labels, we can earn 20 free books for our class. Thanks so much for helping our classroom library grow.

Kid's Korner

Enjoy a few pictures from our Veteran's Day Celebration and classroom fun!
Veteran's Day Movie

A Peek at the Week

**Some skills are repeated from week to week as they require additional time to learn and practice.

Counting objects from 1-20, understanding that the arrangement of the objects doesn't change the number, adding one more makes the quantity bigger, last number said while counting objects equals total amount, greater than, less than, equal to
Writing Workshop-
Staying on one topic throughout our whole book, writing beginning, middle, and end of stories, editing for upper-case letters in correct places, writing stories that have beginning, middle, and end
Reading Workshop- letters and letter sounds, retelling a familiar text, identifying beginning, middle, and end of familiar stories

Social Studies-

  • Thanksgiving- What was the first Thanksgiving all about? How does it compare to our Thanksgivings? What does it mean to be thankful? Who were the pilgrims and Native Americans? What was the Mayflower?
  • Maps- drawing/ creating a map of a familiar place (our playground) and describing land, water, mountains on other maps and globes
Science: Wood and Paper
  • Exploring various types of wood, properties or wood (sink/float), and where it comes from

Name Writing- Please help your child practice writing his/her first name using the proper letter formation and only capitalize the first letter. See examples of letter formations in your child's binder if you need assistance.

Counting- Please help your child by putting items in a line and practice counting, saying the number name, and touching each object as he/she counts aloud.