Turn 1,75$ to 99 447$!


A single investment of $ 1.75 for a potential income of $ 99 447

FeederMatrix (FM) is a system where you are paid for every person who wants to climb into the upper levels (upgrade).

The remuneration is exponential, you pay back your investment with your 1st referral and gain from the second one.

You buy a product at every level "upgraded", and then you receive 100% commissions on all sales made by level upgraded.

Payments and withdrawals

The processors of payments accepted are: Paypal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

Payments are made from Member to Member, that money is not in the system, but this is done manually.

Ex: Payza account to Payza account (member to Member).

Membership paiement

A single investment of $ 1.75; no monthly payment.

Matrix and compensation Plan

FeederMatrix uses a 4 x 4 forced matrix, which means that everyone can recruit: you, your downline, your upline, your upline sponsor...Etc. And the system benefits to all members.

How it works?

You pay $ 1.75 and you earn $ 7

Then once these $ 7 earned, you reinvest $ 5 and you win $ 80

Then once these $ 80 earned, you reinvest $ 10 and you earn $ 6
Then $ 20 will report you $ 5,120
Then 40$ will report you 160$
Then 80$ will report you 1 280$
Then 160$ will report you 1 0240$
Then 320$ will report you 81 920 $